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Anupamaa Today Episode 5 August 2020, Summer advises her friend not to hide her hidden face to make the girls run away so no one wears rakhi on their hands. Varun says he is still unmarried so can’t take any risks. He wonders how Summer behaves well in every situation. Summer was shocked to see the girl standing in front. Leela is yelling at Jillmill for coming too late on a festive day. The bird complains about Vanraj that she can’t click on her good pictures.

Vanraj tells Paritosh not to know all this and asks her to handle it. Paki said she has posted her picture on social media so it should be the best. Anupama was happy to see the happy atmosphere. In the market, Samar and the unknown girl quarrel with each other. Leela misses Jayesh and expresses her feelings to her brother.

Dolly, Sanjay and Meenu come there. Samar was impressed to know that the girl was selling rakhi to help the old lady. He buys rakhi from her to help the old lady. Dolly says Paritosh is so busy with his girlfriend that she doesn’t have time to meet him.

Vanraj asked Paritosh to spend time with his family and not with his girlfriend. He says he is leaving the office and spending time with his family. Sanjay teases, saying that Vanraj wanted to say that he was leaving his girlfriend and spending time with his family. Dolly says Vanraj’s girlfriend is his office.

Summer arrived home after shopping. Anupam asked him to get ready for the dress chosen by Vanraj. He says he met a girl in the market and would explain everything later. She doesn’t understand anything.

Samar and Paritosh teased the bird. The birds complain to Vanraj about them. Summer says it’s a Rakshabandhan so he shouldn’t interfere with them. Vanraj says Samar is right. The birds call Anupam for help. Anupama tells them not to tease the birds. She said they can start worshiping. Lipa says that Anupama has already delayed them.

Kavya gets angry when Vanraj is not present in her call. Meenu attends Kavya’s call and says that Vanraj is engaged in worship and says that if she bothers Vanraj, Leela will curse him. Kavya said she is in a hurry and asks him to give Vanraj a mobile. Meenu says the pooja has started now she can’t give him the mobile and turns the camera towards him so that Kavya can see him. Seeing Vanraj and Anupama worshiping together, Kavya gets angry and breaks the call. Meenu said she would inform Vanraj later. Anupama prays to God for the happiness of her family.

Vanraj is so happy with his family that he forgot her and he always does that, says Kavya. She says that he hurt her so much today that she will hurt him by telling him about Aniruddha. Anupesh thinks that if she celebrates with Bhavesh, she will decide to go to her mother’s house. She is happy to see her mother and brother-in-law.

Leela angrily looks at Anupama. Vanraj greets him and receives blessings from Anupama’s mother. Leela criticizes Anupama’s family. Leela is sorry that Anupama’s mother did not accept the invitation. She says she missed Anupama on the day of the festival and could not stop herself from coming here.

Leela’s brother says he came here and fixed it and said on the day of Rakshabandhan that the girls are only from his mother’s family. Dolly appreciates his thoughts. Leela asks him to at least take her side today. Dolly said Leela always stays on the wrong side so what can she do. Anupama said she is very happy.

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