Anupamaa Today Episode 7 August 2020, Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip , Future Story, Latest News and Upcoming Twist

Anupamaa Today Episode 7 August 2020, Vanraj says I got a call from the office. Summer talks to his friend on a video call. He shows the step. Vanraj sees Samarth. Anupama asks Samar to have a meal. Summer says I don’t know the girl’s name. Varun finds him just to say her name. He does the steps. Summer tells him to go. He thinks of that girl. Mama G asks Pakhi to click their photos.

Nihal says I will click your picture with my camera. Ba says he has money for the camera, not to give omens to his sister. Nihal says we didn’t buy it, we got a gift. Ba asks if anyone visited. A man calls Anupama. Ba calls it the home of Vanraj.

Vanraj leaves the food and goes to shout at the man. The man says I would have spoken politely, if you hadn’t all cheated on me, you would have bought things from my shop and not paid. What Anupama asks, I don’t even know you. The man shows up to Summer and says the man has bought the camera and created a bill in your name. Ba looks at Nihal’s camera. Anupama remembered Samar’s words. Vanraj shouts at Samara. Summer sees the man.

The guy says you gave me an EMI check and then you didn’t come. Summer says there was a bit of a problem, you get paid, go. The man says, no, I want money. Vanraj didn’t know that Mummy had taken the camera for Nihal, I would understand and I would lie and lie that it was for Varun. Anupama wants me to slap her, but don’t let her hurt me. The man throws the check. Vanraj checks Anupama’s signature on the check. He slapped Samar. Everyone is shocked.

Vanraj asks about that amount. The man says 15000. Vanraj asks for the account number. Bhavesh says I will give. Vanraj says take care of me. He transfers the money and tells the man to get out. Anupama says it’s because of me, it’s my fault, I decided to pay every month from my salary.

Vanraj says it means you would have hidden it from me and paid every month. He warns Samar that he will throw him out of the house next time. He hits Anupama. Her family feels bad. Samar shouts and thinks of Vanraj’s words. Sanjay says, Vanraj loves family, sometimes he gets angry. Summer says he does injustice to the mother, Ba and Baba will condemn the mother very much. Ba hits Anupam and Bhavesh. Bhavesh says I will pay.

Ba says he made this play on the day of the festival. Anupama cries. Ba tells her to take care of her house until the time comes for her. Vanraj comes to meet Kavya. He begs her not to talk to Aniruddha. She tells him to go to his family. Vanraj says I am already upset, I will book the hotel, tell Aniruddha to stay there. She says you have the keys to the house, but Aniruddha is the owner, he is still my husband, he is coming. She takes the key from him.

He says that either he stays in the hotel or you stay in the hotel, you two can’t live together under one roof. She said okay, I’ll tell him I’ll stay in your house, I didn’t have your bedroom, I’ll adjust to the guest room, I don’t think so, go to your family. Anupama tries to get money from the grain box. She cries and says slapped Samar, I couldn’t hug him, where did he go? She blames herself and yells.

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