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Colors Marathi inspired us through the series ‘unfolding the life of Sant Tukaram Maharaj. Now he is ready to tell the story of another great sant who inspired many people to give up bad habits and adopt good ones Balumamachya Navan Chang Bhal.

TV Serial Name: Balumamachya Navan Chang Bhal
Channel: Colors Marathi
Show Time: Mon To Sat at 7:30 PM
Producer: Darshana Santosh Ayachit
Director: Nishant Vilas Surve
Production House: Sajari Creativies
Story: Nishant Santosh Ayachit

Star Cast

Samarth Patil as Small Balu Mama

Sumit Pusavale as Young Balumama

Komal More as Young Satyava
Balumamachya Navan Chang Bhal
Ankita Panvelkar as Balumama’s Mother

Rohit Deshmukh as Balumama’s Father
Balumamachya Navan Chang Bhal

Akshay Tak as Tatya
Vaibhav Rajendra as Bheema
Meenakshi Rathod as Panch Bai
Sajari Ayachit as Small Satyava

Balumamachya Navan Chang Bhal Tital Song


Balumamachya Navan Chang Bhal Tital Song Lyrics –

Balumama Vaidya Vaidya Vaidh
Tyane Mendhya Kelya
Pedhav Pedhav Pedh
Rudracha Avtaar Thor Hyo

Rahto Aadmapura
Udhluni Bhandara ha
Gyanganagechii Amrut Dhara
Reshamii Feta, Reshamii Feta
Reshamii Feta Mastakii

Tyala Sonyachi Kinar
Dise Rupp Manohar
Tyachya Najret Talwar

Balumama Vaidya Vaidya Vaidh
Balumama Chya Navaan Changbhal
Tyane Mendya Kelya Pedhav Pedhav Pedh
Balumama Chya Navaan Changbhal

Story Outline – 

Balumama Chya Navan Chang Bhala is based on the real-life story of the saintly shepherd Sant Balumama and his holy sheep. A messiah of the people, this legendary saint used his magical powers to help the needy and bring miscreants onto the path of divinity. Witness Balumama’s historic journey now.

‘Balumama’ was a sant born in ‘Belgaum’. He has followers from Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Born in the ‘Dhangar’ community, Balumama used to take care of sheep and go everywhere in Maharashtra, Karnataka to meet people with problems and solve those problems. His sheep are considered very holy and they do good to people.

Even today, the same sheep that Balu Mama’s sheep got exists and people consider them sacred! It will be very inspiring for our audience to know the story of Balumama and how to do good for the society!

It is said that God is always with people who do not have loved ones. Everyone needs guidance and support at every stage of their lives and if there is no one to help you, we will go to the Almighty ourselves and go to his aid.

Many people believe that God comes to their rescue, and these people are ardent devotees of the superpower that believes in them. Maharashtra is the land of saints who guided people to adopt the spiritual path and to worship the Almighty God.

One of these saints, ‘Balumama’ is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Mahadev and his life was dedicated to the needy and helpless.

Colors Marathi is now bringing a serial based on Balumama’s life and its title will be ‘Balumama Chya Navne Changbhala’. The story is written by Santosh Ayachit and the series is produced by Sajari Creatives.

Balumama was born in the village of Akol in the Shepherd community, known as the Dhangar Samaj of Maharashtra. Balumama was born to a mother who worshiped Lord Vitthal.

She believed that the child in her womb was spiritual and special. This baby later became known as Balumama and from his childhood he used to help the needy and helpless people.

Very soon, the villagers began to realize that Balumama had some real power and then they began to consider him an incarnation of God. On the other hand, there was a man named Devarushi whose sole purpose in life was to make himself a god in the minds of the villagers. This new serial will unravel many aspects of Balumama and his life.

Santosh Ayachit, the director of the series, says, “There are many hidden gems in Maharashtra which have not been discovered yet. One of them is ‘Balumama’.

Among the nomadic tribes born in 1822, Balumama wandered with his sheep in Maharashtra and Karnataka in places like rain, wind etc. On the way, he met people of different races and changed their lives. The story is a great epic and we are bringing a story of a different timeframe for the audience on Colors Marathi.

Balumama was the one who dispelled doubts and gave proper guidance to those who lost their way. Even today, thousands of his followers worship him as God. Balumamachi sheep are considered very auspicious. Many of his devotees go to his place of worship to get their problems solved and seek blessings. “Don’t come to me, I will come to you,” he said. From this series, viewers will be able to see the personality of this wonderful person.

Balumamachya Navan Chang Bhal Episode Updates – 

Komal More is currently playing an important historical character (Satyava) in Balumamachy Navana Changbhala along with actor Sumit Pusavale. The show has completed 500 episodes and Komal has shared her experience of playing Satyava. In a special chat with iTimesTV, Komal spoke about her onscreen and audience response.

Talking about it, she said, “Yes. I had to change my language because the language we are using in the serial is Kolhapuri and I am from Marathwada. So, there was no connection. Besides, my on-screen character Satyava wears a sari on November and I am not in the habit of wearing it like that. I have started wearing sari every November to get in the habit. ”

Speaking about Sumit and her chemistry, Komal said, “We have been helping each other since day one of the shoot. The guidance of our director Santosh Sir helped me a lot too. I don’t find any historical reference to Satyamava, as you already have for Balumama. Everything that is available is fictional and contextual. Our director told me to stick to the basics so that we can enhance the character. ”

Speaking about the response to the serial, he said, “People now trust me as the truth. When I go somewhere people get angry at me and ask me why you are constantly yelling at Balumama but I convince them that it is just an on-screen character. ”

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