Barrister Babu New Era

Barrister Babu New Era Episode -13 : Mishti’s Tragic Past.

Barrister Babu New Era Episode -13 : Mishti’s Tragic Past., “I’m coming to snatch your happiness Bondita. But this time, I’m not alone. I have a very very huge weapon.. hathiyaar with me this time. BRC is coming Bondita. No one can stop me now….”

[Batuk recalls Anirudh telling him to get out of Roy Choudhary Haveli. Batuk walks away from Roy Choudhary Haveli in anger. Then, he thinks of going back to Italy, but the very next moment he says to himself, “If I went back to Italy, then how will I take revenge from that Bondita? I’ll have to stay in India only for taking revenge from Bondita.” Batuk is wandering here and there. He feels very thirsty. He’s searching for water. His throat has dried up completely. He’s perspiring. All of a sudden, he comes across a Haveli. Batuk thinks that he’ll get some water in the Haveli, so he tries to go there. But now, he isn’t left with enough strength to walk. His lips are cracked up, the only moisture left on his lips is the blood oozing out from them. Batuk struggles very hard to speak, but he could only utter, “Wa… water….. waterrrrrrrr………” Saying this, Batuk collapses on the ground. He gets unconscious.

After a while; when Batuk opens his eyes??, he sees a very beautiful and gorgeous girl sitting besides him. She looks very concerned for him. Batuk says, “Where am I? And who are you??” The girl sitting near Batuk is actually Mishti. Mishti says, “You were lying unconscious outside our Haveli. You were dying of thirst. I brought you here, doctor babu has examined you. How’re you feeling now????”

Batuk : “Who told you to bring me here?? Why are you sooo concerned for me? Why…. whyyyyyy…… did you brought me here???”

Mishti : “My heart told me to bring you here. I’m concerned for you because I am also a human just like you. I can understand others’ pain. And as a human, it’s my duty to help others when they need it. If I hadn’t brought you here, then you would’ve died of dehydration; that’s why I brought you here.”

Batuk : “You don’t need to think much about others, think about yourself and mind your own business.”

Mishti keeps both her hands on her waist and says, “What do you think of yourself haannnnn??? I saved your life. And instead of thanking me, you’re giving me boring lectures??!!!! I have answered all your questions. But who’ll answer my questions? I asked you something, don’t you remember????”

Batuk : “No, I don’t remember. Neither I want to remember.”] Flashback ends.

Batuk laughs and says, “That.. that girl… She looks exactly same like Bondita!!!! Now, I only have to find that girl. And then, with her help, I’ll go to Roy Choudhary Haveli to take my revenge.. Badlaa….. Hahahahaaaaa…”

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