Bawara Dil Written Update 31 July 2021

Bawara Dil Written Update 31 July 2021

Bawara Dil Written Update 31 July 2021, Siddhi searching at Shiva. She hesitates to feed the laddoo. Shiva says Siddhi’s aid means alot to him. Siddhi gets worried wondering Shiva ate the intoxicated laddoo now what’s going to happen to him. She comes to a decision to forestall Shiva. Akkabai thinks Shiva Siddhi’s closeness is dangerous for her so she can get Sonal married to Sarkar so that Shiva can come to be like before.

Jalwa stops Shiva and the opposite competitor from beginning the game. He says first they will seek the competition. Narpat gets tensed. Everyone asks Jalwa what type of recent rule is this. Akkabai tells them to loosen up. She tells the umpire to search each the competitors. Shiva says earlier than competing he wishes to talk to Sonal. He takes Sonal apart. He says to Sonal protecting her hand that he’ll win her accept as true with again these days. He won’t permit her marriage manifest at any cost. Sonal says however how will he prevent it. Shiva says he’ll win the opposition nowadays and will inform Akkabai to name off Sonal’s wedding ceremony with Sarkar. Sonal receives emotional. Jalwa stops Shiva and says he have to cancel the opposition as Narpat’s competitor is a assassin. He can damage Shiva. Shiva says he has taken threat normally. This time also he can’t backtrack as its about Sonal’s future. He will face the venture.

Siddhi gets a terrible feeling and notices the umpire dropped knife. Later he signals Narpat. Narpat indicates him thumbs-up. Siddhi is aware Narpat’s planning. She regrets her choice and thinks she made a huge mistake with the aid of trusting Narpat. There Shiva and the killer run closer to the pool and soar into it. Siddhi attempts to forestall Shiva and runs at the back of him. Shiva goes underneath the water and unearths the coconut. He is set to take it however the killer attacks him with knife. He injures Shiva’s hand and Shiva tries to forestall him. Akkabai tells Sarkar why Siddhi wants to destroy the game, has she gone mad. Siddhi jumps into the water and everyone receives bowled over. Siddhi swims underneath water and searches for Shiva. Shiva bleeds and suddenly he feels dizzy and the attacker stabs in his stomach.

Siddhi hits the attacker from in the back of and he or she in some way holds Shiva in her palms. She comes out of water with subconscious Shiva. Shiva’s circle of relatives get greatly surprised and go to see him. Siddhi tells Shiva to wake up and her mangalsutra gets stuck with Shiva’s locket. Mangal separates them and Siddhi’s mangalsutra gets broken. Shiva is rushed to hospital. Akkabai asks for the coconut. Siddhi shows her however later she questions the umpire who gave him money to kill Shiva. How can he slump so low. Narpat disappears thinking he can get stuck. Siddhi tells Akkabai she doesn’t deserve to get the coconut as she is self targeted and doesn’t care about Shiva. Akkabai gets irked.

Shiva gets admitted to hospital and Mangal cries for him. Vijaya makes her realize that Akkabai is selfish that’s why she didn’t attain clinic but. She simplest cares for her win. Mangal have to keep in mind that.

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