Bharathi kannamma 15 December

Bharathi kannamma 15 December 2021 Written Update

Bharathi kannamma 15 December 2021 Written Update, Kannamma and Bharathi are eating the breakfast Soundarya and Venu see admiring them. Soundarya asks to Bharathi when will he stop maintaining accounts? Bharathi says to her that he won’t give false hope to anyone that he will stay here for 6 months.

Soundarya asks to him where will he go? Bharathi says to her that he will go to our house she can say to court that he stayed here. Soundarya asks to him Is he asking her to lie? Bharathi says to her that he is her son.

Soundarya replies to him he is her son but whom only know to commit mistakes. She adds that he left his wife on road, he enjoyed her suffering for daily lives, he even done character assassination to his wife now he refused to stay with her for 6 months and demanding her to lie in court.

Soundarya says to him clearly if he go against court judgement then she will turns to Kannamma’s lawyer and give statement against him in court and leaves from there. Bharathi says to Kannamma that he don’t care whom supporting her but he will definitely go out from here.

New neighbors comes to Kannamma’s house and introduces herself to her as Vaitha Vadivukarasi. Kannamma says to her she don’t know who is she? She informs to her that she is a lawyer and she is popular in postponing case in court. Kannamma asks to her why is she here? Vadivu says to her she is her new neighbor.

She asks Kannamma to give coffee powder to prepare coffee. She says to Bharathi love will wins. Bharathi thinks that she is that person. Vadivu says to him that she coughed his mind voice.

Kannamma gives one packet Coffee powder to Vadivu and says that its hard for her to return two table spoon coffee powder so its better to return one packet next time. Vadivu says to them that she saw them somewhere. She adds that she knew their names too doesn’t his name Bharathi and Chellamma? She corrects it as Kannamma.

Vadivu says to her that she saw them in court. Their divorce case going in court right? Judge is very close to her so she will update everything to judge.

If they tried to cheat court then she will give statement against them in court. Bharathi complaints to Kannamma it seems she arranged this all to torture him. Kannamma says to him stop doubting her unnecessarily she is new to her. She didn’t ask anyone to come here.

Bharathi notices Kannamma sitting in his consulting room. He asks to her why is she here torturing him like this? Yesterday her smell made him mad today she came again to disturb him. For god sake he is a doctor so let him do his work here. He asks to her Is she trying to bring back their memories to him. He threatens her to leave from there or else he will beat her.

Kannamma says to him that she won’t leave until her work finish. Bharathi checks whether she is real or reel? Kannamma informs to him that she is real only nothing to worry. She teases him for reminding about her yesterday. Bharathi asks her to stop torturing him.

Kannamma asks him to check her head pain. Bharathi asks her to go and consult another doctor instead of torturing him. Kannamma demands him to give treatment to her reasoning she has head pain. Bharathi denies it. Kannamma threatens him that she will inform this to our person then.

He asks her to go ahead. Kannamma informs this to Vadivu. Vadivu starts mentioning court law and says to him that he is doing criminal offence by not giving treatment to his wife. Bharathi gets irritate by her loose talk and starts giving treatment to Kannamma. Vadivu takes photo of them.

He gives prescription to her. Bharathi demands Kannamma to pay the consultant fees. He says to her she might pay 1500rs. Kannamma says to him its too much.

She demands him to give one paper pen. She gives the food bills to him and says that he wanna return money to her now.

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