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Bharathi kannamma 6 December 2021 Written Update

Bharathi kannamma 6 December 2021 Written Update, Bharathi lawsuits to Kannamma that she is trying to affect him just like the manner she inspired Hema.

Kannamma questions him will he get provoke with her food? Bharathi says to her he don’t want her meals and attempts to region order in app however no sign. Kannamma says to him that bad transport boys how will they provide delivery on this rainy days show some pity on them.

She adds that this world calling her as cooking mom and consuming her cooking then why don’t he devour it? Bharathi says to her that he will pay the quantity for her food. Kannamma says to her that husband used to buy cooking matters however here he is ready to pay the invoice like motel. Kannamma consents to his demand. Bharathi starts offevolved consuming the food and feels so top tasting it.

Kannamma asks him to say how is it tasting? He says to her he don’t need to answer her. Kannamma says to her that even inn humans ask assessment? Bharathi nods to her and says that tasting excellent. Kannamma admires the way he’s eating the food and thinks that he’s ingesting full after complained.

Bharathi says to her word it he pays it when he’s leaving. Kannamma asks him to keep it in account. Bharathi venture with Kannamma that he’s going to leave from right here after 6 days. She thinks allow’s see Is he gonna go away from here 6 days or 6 months.

Shanthi cries thinking about Venba. Mayandi confronts her what occurred while did she came here? She informs to him that she in no way anticipated that Bharathi will betray them like this. He talked too much together with her. Mayandi asks to her Is she went to get justice from him?

Shanthi says to him that she receives worsen to see him in Kannamma’s house. Mayandi says even he felt like that simplest. Shanthi tells him that Bharathi learnt all fact it seems. He lashed out at Venba for giving incorrect medicinal drug to Anjali. This is why he didn’t helped Venba to take her out in bail.

Mayandi asks to her Is she looking forward to him to pamper her after Venba dome this much? Shanthi says that he is helping her due to the fact he’s his relative. Mayandi says that he is still irritated on Kannamma and Anjali but looking forward to an danger to take revenge on them.

He asks to her Is she wanna communicate with Venba and tell this to her? She denies it reasoning she is already suffering there why should she hurt her greater. Mayandi asks her to don’t meet him once more. She nods and leaves from there.

Kannamma gives milk to Bharathi and needs him to say how did he agreed to live with her. Bharathi says that she can understand it after 6 days. Kannamma lawsuits that they’re simplest staying here but he’s usually checking his mobile rather than speaking with her.

She asks him to drink the milk and notes it. Kannamma brings her mat and pillow out and asks him to sleep inner. Bharathi is of the same opinion to sleep in room. Anjali and Akhil are admiring their toddler drowsing peacefully. Akhil praises her splendor.

Anjali brings the delivery matters to their and get emotional. Akhil says to her that he’s nonetheless considering the abduction incident. He shares his grief to her. He says to her that he gained’t go away the character whom kidnapped her.

They spends quality time with every different. Bharathi gets a horrifying dream and wishes to fulfill Hema there. He notices Kannamma dozing nicely and go away from there without annoying her. Kannamma too receives a dream about Lakshmi and leaves to meet her.

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