Choti Sarrdarrni 10th Saptember 2020

Choti Sarrdarrni 10th Saptember 2020, Vikram shouted at the inspector, whose name is Manav. The inspector asks him to specify his features to spot.

He says that she is his replica and tells him to find it as soon as possible. He agrees and cuts the call.

He gets Sarab’s state level championship for the hand wrestling medal and asks him about it. Harleen says that no one could defeat Sarab at Arm Wrestling.

Vikram offers to have a match with him. Sarab refuses, saying that it is during college time but Vikram forces him to attend.

They say that they can talk about marriage after the match. Sarab agrees that Vikram indirectly taunts him for fear of losing him.

They start the match and it was a tough fight between them. Karan starts crying and Sara’s attention gets diverted.

Vikram uses the opportunity and almost defeats him when Meher consoles Karan back. He puts a hand on Sarab’s shoulder and easily wins the match upon seeing Sarab Maihar. Everyone congratulates him.

The woman asks Grandma why the strength changes from one person to another. He says that Sarab says that his strength is mehr and Bittu says that his strength is his guinea.

He asks what is her strength. Kulwant says that her strength was Grandpa who is no more, but that does not mean that she will weaken. He is still the strongest himself.

Vikram congratulates Sarab for his victory and gives credit to Sara Maihar. He calls her his strength and Harleen agrees.

Vikram is about to leave when Vikram reminds him of his promise to discuss the wedding after the match.

Vikram says that only his parents can fix it and he will go to Delhi in two to three days after which we will confirm the date.

But Sarab has already invited his parents and they surprise Vikram and they tell that Sarab has called him.

They all introduce each other and they meet Aditi. Vikram’s parents brought Pandit with them. His father says how can he have a son who is running from responsibility.

Vikram says that he is waiting for the right time for marriage but his father says that every time is the right time for good things.

He says that Pandit said that he should get married in three days, only then he can get married after three years.

Vikram says that this is not possible in three days and it has been decided to postpone it after three years.

Sarab says that she will take care of the system and says that Aditi will marry at home.

Aditi remembers Grandpa’s words and cries that she will not marry at home.

Vikram goes after him and realizes that he knows that he is Guddi and he plays the video during Theohar, where Sarab and Mehar tell about Guddi’s search. Sarab worries whether he has done anything wrong and Meher says no.

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