Choti Sarrdarrni 15th Saptember 2020

Choti Sarrdarrni 15th Saptember 2020, Roshni happens to be clapping and everyone claps as the Gill family is reunited. Param comes and asks what happened.

Meher tells her that they found her aunt Aditi, her Guddi. Param says that he found Aditi aunty on day one.

Aditi kneels before Param and hugs her crying. Param asks why she is crying and tells him to stop crying.

Aditi kisses her forehead and gets up.Meher asks Aditi why it took her so long to unite with him.

Aditi replies that she could not muster courage and asks how she came to know this.

Harleen says that they should take it as a sign of God.

Sarab says that the “Meher” (mercy) of God blessed Meher again on seeing Mehar today and thanked him without him as if he would never have found Guddi.

Meher thanked him because it would not have been possible without him. Param put forward one hand and said that when Mehar and Sarab are together they can win any battle.

Mehar and Sarab shake hands with him. Vikram tells Sarab that she is now his official brother-in-law.

Rana asks Kulwant if he will have to call Vikram “brother-in-law” now. Kulwant says that sometimes he feels that he is like a treasure. Rana asks if he means she is precious.

Kulwant refuses and says that he feels like burying her underground. She curses Vikram who now officially belongs to this family.

The ring ceremony begins. Vikram rings Aditi. Meher, Sarab, Harleen and others throw flower petals at them and clap happily.

Sarab gives Aditi the ring that grabs Vikram’s hand and she is about to wear the ring when she rings her phone. Seema forbids her to pick up the phone.

Vikram says that he is putting the mobile silently but is surprised to see Raghav sir’s call.

He forgives himself and goes to join the call because it is an important one.
Raghav apologizes to Vikram as he knows that he should be in the middle of their engagement.

He shocks Vikram to ask him to hand over the case to Rao as he will now handle it.

Raghav says that he is getting out of the case and disconnects the call after wishing for a happy married life. Vikram remains stunned.

Seema goes to pick up Vikram, who looks at Aditi towards Sarab. Seema asks Aditi to wear the ring to Vikram.

Vikram lends his hand to Aditi and reminds Sarab that he promises to clear all the charges leveled at her before her sister’s wedding.

Aditi is about to prepare Vikram to wear the ring, but she flashes her fist at Sarab.

Sarab asks if everything is okay. Vikram says that all is well and blames him for playing a big game: on one hand he promises her and is marrying her but on the other hand she kicks him out of the case. Everyone was surprised.

Sarab asks why he would do something like this. Vikram says he has the same question and accuses her of interfering in his investigation.

Meher speaks and tells Vikram to stop and think before speaking. Sarab tries to silence her.

Meher asks Vikram if he has any proof that Sarab has got him transferred and also says that if Sarab wanted to do so, she could get him transferred after her marriage, not during the engagement. Sarab tells Meher to calm down.

Seema and Suraj try to stop Vikram from all this but Vikram says that he does not like that anyone is involved in his investigation.

Sarab says that she understands her anger but does not have time to show that since it is her engagement time and they can talk later.

Vikram asks her that he wants to talk now but he has nothing to say and his job is since he is out of the matter.

Aditi scolds Vikram as he always has some problem and he is making a scene between the engagement. Vikram says Sarab promised to give him all the details related to the seed scam.

Aditi asks him if he has any value for her and he just asks her to tell him if he is willing to treat her like that even after marriage. Vikram says that he does not understand that all this is a plan. Sarab denied this.

Seema asks Vikram to listen to what everyone is saying and there is no auspicious time for the next three years for marriage so she requests him to leave the subject. Meher also tells Aditi to calm down.

Aditi apologizes with folded hands in front of Seema and Suraj and says that she cannot do this engagement. Vikram is shocked.

Aditi removes the ring Vikram wears him and he is about to walk away but Harleen stops him. Kulwant’s comment is that people get separated after marriage and both of them are getting separated before engagement.

Vikram asks Sarab if he is happy now. Harleen believes Sarab is right and asks her to fix everything. She tells him to call the CM in Delhi or anywhere and stop the transfer.

Sarab says that she cannot stop or stop someone’s transfer because she never did anything wrong. Vikram to speakChoti Sarrdarrni 15th Saptember

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