Choti Sarrdarrni 16th Saptember 2020

Choti Sarrdarrni 16th Saptember 2020, Seema prayed for everything to be okay. Sooraj assures her that Vikram will handle everything.

Sarab goes to Meher and says that she looks lovely under stress. Meher says that his focus should not be on him but on Aditi and Vikram.

Sarab replies that anxiety comes into everyone’s life but that does not mean that one should stop loving and praising his wife.

Param comes and asks them to hurry up and check what is happening inside. Kulwant is shocked if the fight starts between the two. Everybody runs away.

They see Vikram kneeling in front of Aditi. Vikram tells Aditi to see her. He accepts his mistake and apologizes, holding his ear.

He says he will say “I’m sorry” in the morning, afternoon and evening all his life. Aditi smiled. Vikram extends one hand towards her and says that he loves her and asks her to marry him.

Aditi Vikram is about to give her hand to this kiss when everyone starts clapping and looking twice.

Harleen greeted Aditi with a hug. Vikram asks for Seema the ring before Aditi gets upset again. Seema gives her the ring and he wears Aditi.

Harleen asks for the ring from Sarab. He gives her one but it is not of Vikram. She asks whose it is. Sarab indicates Meher. Harleen smiles and asks for another ring. Sarab gives it to Harleen who hands it over to Guddi.

Sarab asks to think before wearing the ring because that finger has a heart connection and once he makes a place, it stays forever.

Meher pulled her leg, saying that she was talking to a doctor about it. Everyone baffles. Sarab whispers to Meher that no one knows better about love and heart.

Meher says he never told her. Sarab said that he never gave her a chance. Meher asks what will happen if she gives.

Sarab says that, whether she gives a chance or not, today she will bind her heart at any cost. He takes the ring and prepares to wear Meher when he starts clapping as Aditi and Vikram have a ring ceremony.

Sarab withdraws the ring.Seema says that now they should arrange the Haldi function, which will be followed by Sangeet and Mehndi.

Harleen advised Seema not to bring too many guests due to coronovirus.

Seema agrees and asks them how many guests are coming from her side. Sarab makes fun of it. Left Vikram and his family.

In the evening, Sarab comes to his room and sees Mehar sitting on the bed. He is fully ready to give her the ring. Meher tells Sarab that she likes the ring she had chosen for Aditi.

Sarab said that whoever chooses him must surely have a good choice. Meher asks him if he has said anything. Sarab stutters and then finally reveals that he found another ring that he liked and shows Meher who smiles and calls her beautiful.

Sarab says it is less beautiful than that. “Khuda Again” plays. Sarab knelt before Meher and clasped his hand and put him on the ring. He gets up.

Meher says that she gave him the ring but he did not give it to anyone. Sarab says that it does not matter, but Meher replies that the tradition must be done.

She takes a thread from her dupatta and makes a ring with it so Sarab wears it. They look at each other. Sarab kisses the thread ring that she made him wear. Meher said smiling.

Before Sarab could say anything, the ultimate comes. Sarab says that whenever the mood is romantic, the ultimate comes. P

aram informs Sarab that a aunt and uncle have come to meet him.

Sarab goes downstairs and meets an Indian ACP and Serbian woman from the embassy. They inform Sarab that there is a summons for Meher as he killed an on-duty officer and his wife has registered a case so he should go to a Serbian court.

They show Sarab a file which is a surprise. He looks at Meher. The ACP says he has to take his wife into custody today.

Sarab asks them how they can do this in such a short time and asks for time to promise Meher to appear in a Serbian court as his sister is married two days later.

Both accept but warn him that he will be arrested if he does not appear in court. He assures them that she will show up. They go As Sarab, he doesn’t mind what he does, another tension keeps on coming.

Meher goes to Sarab and asks who the two were. Sarab lies and then falls asleep but Meher has already noted that he looks tired.

Harleen asks Meher to check out a set she has seen for him online. Meher asks for two minutes and goes to talk with Sarab.

Sarab is talking about the call. He cuts off the call and turns to see Meher there.

Meher asks him what happened. Sarab asks if haldi is arranged. Meher gives him water and then asks him what is going on. Sir don’t pretend to understand

But Meher says that she knows very well that her smile is real and fake. Sarab says that there is nothing. Meher reminds her that he promised to share everything with her.
Sarab shows her the file and says that the police officer whose wife he killed in Serbia has filed a defamation suit against him. He assures her that nothing will happen to her. He asks if she doesn’t trust him.
Meher replies that she trusts him more than God. Sarab says that after getting married she will move to Serbia. Meher asks about the children.
Param comes and says that Khushi calls her to be alone at Grandma’s place, but she refuses, saying that she won’t go anywhere without her family and asks them to promise that they won’t be anywhere without her Will go He promises her that Meher wonders how they will manage everything in four days.
Param asks what will happen in four days.
Then Aditi comes with Karan who is crying. Aditi says that she gave up crying and handed over the weeping Mehar.
Harleen leaves Aditi.
Param asks Meher to let him and Karan sleep.
Sarab wonders what to do because children cannot live without Meher and she cannot live without him. He does not know what to do.

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