Choti Sarrdarrni 17th Saptember 2020

Choti Sarrdarrni 17th Saptember 2020, Vikram is enraged at the two officers who apologize but he asks them to apologize for themselves.

He asks them if they think he will stay in his office to check the files around the clock. He scolds them. They go Vikram remembers Sarab and Meher that he pointed out his mistakes in the case and Kulwant made fun of him.

He says that Mr. and Mrs. Gill have done enough drama and now they will solve the human thing because there are so many mysteries attached to it.

A police officer arrives and shows him a poster with a picture of a human that they have installed around the city.

The official says that the award written on the poster is not by the government. Vikram says that he will give the prize to the man who finds himself.

Vikram gets a call from Seema and scolds her for going to the office on her haldi. He asks her to come immediately.

Vikram puts a human poster on a notice board and a man remarks that he is putting up his poster. Vikram sees her collar staring. He cut the call.

Seema goes to Surya and complains to Vikram about his passion for work. He tells her to take stress because she is a heart patient. Seema says that she is his son so she takes stress.

She thinks who got her transferred and is worried about Vikram who has not eaten since morning. Surya wishes to marry Vikram soon and move far away from Punjab.

On the other hand, at Gill mansion, haldi function arrangements are going on. Param is very excited. Harleen asks Ajay to send gifts to guests whom they invited because of coronavirus.

Amrita notices Meher’s new ring and says that yesterday it was someone else’s engagement but someone else celebrated it. She praises Sarab’s choice. Meher says that the ring was chosen by him only.

Amrita says that she was talking about her. Harleen asks Meher about Sarab and she goes to check.

Meher goes into the room and overhears Sarab talking with the lawyer. The lawyer says that Mehr has a 99% chance of being arrested for nine to ten years.

Sarab is shocked. The lawyer says he cannot help much as it is not a local matter. Meher, after hearing the counsel, said that there is only three days between Meher and the punishment.

Sarab asks the lawyer to arrange a video conference within ten minutes.

Meher goes back to the hall and sees Param and Karan. She remembers the lawyer’s words and then recalls moments with Karan and Param going on with him.

Sarab comes there and Meher thinks that he cannot be depressed in front of her and makes her more anxious so she shows him the rangoli made.

Sarab says that it is as beautiful as him. Meher asks him if he talks with Malhotra.

Sarab thinks that she does not want to be more concerned with telling Meher the truth and lies that they will settle the case paying the fine and says that they will get him to make another trip to Serbia.

Meher smiles and says that they were worrying unnecessarily.

Sarab says he has a general meeting with the team of lawyers after five minutes and asks him to sign and give the summon file. He goes to his office.

Kulwant is talking to Rana and Bittu about Vikram not knowing that Manav is not in Benaras but he is dead. He gets Vikram’s call and wonders what he needs. She picks him up and asks why he remembered her.

Vikram says that he was missing her and that he needed to bother her a bit. Kulwant asks how much more he needs to bother.

Vikram asks if he said anything. Kulwant denied it. Vikram says that he can curse him as much as he wants and ask him to come to a CBI officer.

Kulwant says that there is a big turmeric function going on in the house. Vikram reminds her that he is the groom and asks her to come immediately.

Kulwant asks her the reason. Vikram says that he sent him the reason. Kulwant is shocked to see a video of a human working at a dhaba.

Rana and Bittu are also shocked. Vikram congratulates Kulwant as he finds his criminal Manav who is in Benaras and asks him to come to the office so that they can record his statement.

Vikram cut the call and remembered to record a video of Manav after he had borrowed clothes from a man who had mocked him for putting it on his poster.

The latter apologizes. Vikram thanks him for giving him clothes.

Kulwant is shocked to learn that a human is truly alive in Benares. She is about to walk away when she hits Meher.

Kulwant dropped his phone while Meher dropped the summon file. Kulwant hopes Mehar does not watch the video while Meher hopes that Kulwant will not see the file. Nothing happens and both move in different directions.

Sarab is at the video conference when Meher enters. Sarab asks Malhotra to arrange to go to Serbia. Meher gives her the file. Sarab tells her that she has booked the ticket. He thinks they should

How many battles have to be fought. Meher says that they will win any battle together. She sits near Sarab and suggests making a promise:

They will live the next three days like the best days of their lives.

She wants to see everyone happy, wants to see both of her sons happy and motives her by giving her lots of parathas. He wipes Sarab’s tears.

Kulwant reaches Vikram’s office. Vikram asks how they are feeling. Kulwant says that he is very happy. Vikram looks at the tired faces of Rana and Bittu and says that it does not seem so.

Kulwant laughs and slaps Rana’s feet. Bittu and Rana also smiled. Kulwant asks Vikram where Manav is. Vikram says that his team will be coming with him. He informs Kulwant that he should talk to Manav.

Bittu and Rana ask what he said. Kulwant says that he does not care and asks Vikram to keep the human from them.

Vikram says that he seemed innocent and told her that they falsely accuse him and the matter is something else but he cannot tell on the phone as he wants to talk to her in person.

Kulwant says that he should not believe a thief and asks why he called him there. Vikram says that he told her that Manav is blackmailing her so they should record her statement.

He asks the officer to turn on the recording. Camera is on. Kulwant calmed her fears.

Sarab, on the other hand, tells Meher that he does not know how he would work without her because it had become his habit that he did not want to let go. He talks about his antics and says that he will not let him go anywhere.

Meher says she is not going anywhere. She asks the crying Sarab that she is watching him and repeats that she is not going anywhere. She asks him to give her hand. Sir does this.

Meher snaps her fingers with Sarab and asks him if he is feeling well. Sarab says that she always feels good when she is with him.

Meher promised her that her palm would always be in her grip and that she would never break this promise.

Sarab promises her that he will not let anything happen to her, she will fight with him every day, call him “Bandari”, secretly drink coffee and even scold him.

Meher chuckles. She returns gravely and says that Malhotra was right but they will prove in court that she had no intention of harming the officer.

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