Choti Sarrdarrni 18th Saptember 2020

Choti Sarrdarrni 18th Saptember 2020, Harleen, Meher and Sarab surprise Aditi with a house model. Aditi says what is it? Harleen calls it a gift for our Guddi. Meher says that you will stay in this new house after marriage.

Aditi says I can’t. Sarab says to sign this file. There are 845 pages. You will have equal rights in all our properties and businesses.

Aditi hugs her and cries. He says don’t cry. Today is a day of happiness. She says I miss my mother. It was his dream for me to honor and name the Gill family.

The rights you two have got. But when her dream came true, I realized that I only wanted my family. I do not want anything else.

I can not take it All i need is your love Ginni says that Aditi called your MIL and said that it is 11 am. lets go.

Surya tells Vikram why you are working on your Haldi day. The matter has already been resolved. Vikram says that I have to find human. Surya says stop it.

Why are you after him you can’t find him in 3 days? He says Dad you are asking to withdraw from the case? Seema says that my son will find her.

Man is your lookalike right? Get ready. Seema says why are you discouraging her? He says that because I care about him. This city and any matter related to this city is not good for him.

He will go to Switzerland tomorrow for a post-wedding honeymoon and then move to another city.

Seema says that I found my son after so many years. I don’t want to do anything to harm her now.

Hailey starts with Harleen and Meher applies turmeric to Aditi’s arms and face. Kulwant arrives. She remembers what Vikram said about Manav.

Sarab also imposes turmeric on Aditi. Aditi says thank you Meher. I got my family because of you. I hope God always keep you happy with you sir and your children.

Harleen tells Kulwant to come. The ultimate says not my turn. Param says from Param, from Karan and from my younger sister. Meher uncle will you give me a sister? Everybody begged

The lawyer calls the officer. He goes out Meher steps on something. His leg swelled up. Sarab runs him. He says are you ok? Meher says I’m fine. I’m coming in kinda.

Sarab picks him up and says I will take you there. Meher sees her leg. He cleans the wound. Meher says I’m fine. Sarab says that it is bleeding.

Aditi says give me first aid kit. Sarab says that you have to be careful. She applies turmeric to her wound. Sarab says that the pain has reduced now.

Meher says how do you know? He says it is written on the lines of your foot. Meher says that people are ready that hands are not legs. He says that I can also read the lines of the feet. What else does Meher say? He says that love is Rekha.

It says that you love someone very much. Meher says that everyone knows that I love Param very much. He says that this is what you love. s. Meher says that Satinder Kaur. My aunt? I love her very much.

Mehar and Sarab laughed. Param hugs Meher. Meher puts turmeric on Sarab’s face. Sarab also applies it on her face.

Amrita says that Meher, your pair is made in the sky. Chunri first, then the ring, then the turmeric. God is fulfilling your dreams.

When you got married, you were not very happy in any ritual. Now you are happy. Therefore God is repeating everything for you so that you can become the master of the whole heart.

Meher says already did. I am thankful that God gave me a life partner like Sarab. Hones, brave and so respectable. My 100 lives are sacrificed on him.

Rana gives a call to Meher. This is a limitation on video calls. She says how is everything going> Meher says very well here. Seema says that turmeric has started her. she travels.

Vikram keeps him. He says mother careful. Seema says that when I have a son, nothing can happen to me. She says I can’t tell you how happy I am.

All the girls say that we will put turmeric first. Vikram says that Mummy will do this in front of someone.

She says that I am always her first priority, but now beta, I want Aditi to be your first priority.

He says no chance. Seema says bless them Pandit ji. Meher says the show to Aditi.

Rana comes to Aditi. Kulwant says, the bride and groom cannot see each other in turmeric.

Kulwant sees a knife mark on Vikram’s back. She was shocked. He remembers stabbing a human. Kulwant says that it means that human.

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