Choti Sarrdarrni 19th Saptember 2020

Choti Sarrdarrni 19th Saptember 2020, Asks Ginni what is that mark on Vikram’s back. Kulwant replies that it was a stab. Bittu asks her why she is saying this.

Vikram asks Kulwant what he said. Aditi explains that the scar met because of this: He was shot and came to the hospital where they met.

Vikram says that he went to take out the bullet and left his heart. Kulwant asks who shot. Vikram replies that he did. Aditi says she is joking and reveals that in her profession she finds more enemies than friends.

Seema asks Harleen and others to get ready for the mehndi ceremony in the evening as she sends mehndi which should be applied to the bride by her sister-in-law.

Seema notices that Vikram tore his eyes and said that CBI officers do not cry.

He asks if officials cannot be emotional. Surya comments on the love of the two towards each other. Seema wiped her tears.

Param tells Mama that Tarakus’ uncle had come and he is asking for a signal from her.

Harleen asks what is the signature. Sarab comes and says that they have a joint account so he has to sign some papers for this.

Later, Param read Serbia on paper. Meher says that his ultimate has become a smart boy.

Sarab says that smart children are not independent yet, they are happy even without parents and take care of siblings.

Param said crying that he does not want to be smart and does not want to live without Mummy Papa. He embraces Meher.

Meher says that Mama and Papa do not always live with children. Sarab asks if he will survive if the parents have to go to the market. Param says yes.

Meher asks what will happen if it takes him 7 hours. Param replied. Sarab asks what will happen if it takes 2 days.

Param says no, since he is sleeping with him his mother and father are needed. He leaves. Sarab tells Meher not to worry.

In the evening everyone dances in the mehndi ceremony. Kulwant recalls Vikram saying that he is telling about getting a human.

Meher leaps at Sarab. She is about to fall but Sara catches her. He tells her to be careful. Meher complains as he stands in the middle and blames her for falling.

Sarab asks what she would have blamed for everything if it had not been in her life. Meher folded his hands and said that he could not imagine my life.

She is about to leave when Sarab says softly “I love you Bandri ji”. Meher hears something and asks him what he said but before he can say anything, someone calls him Vikram and his family has arrived.

Seema gives mehndi to Meher as she believes that if the sister-in-law applies mehndi then the bride will be happy. Kulwant wants mehndi to be applied as she wants happiness.

Sarab assured her that she was only going to get happiness in life. Vikram goes to Kulwant that he whispers to him that Manav will come here by morning and he said that he wants to talk to her first. Kulwant gets worried.

Meher puts a mehndi on Aditi’s hand while Amrita puts it on Ginni’s hand. Ginni says that mehndi is more fun if the husband’s name is written. Harleen asks Meher to write Vikram’s name on Aditi’s palm.

Vikram monitors the scared Kulwant. He walks towards her and Bittu. They wonder why. He takes the juice from the tray into the waiter’s hands.

Vikram gets a call and tells that the scam case has been solved but one case leads to another. He assures that he will solve the other one as well. He bites the call and gives juice to Kulwant who refuses.

He asks Kulwant that you look worried. He remembers a song that made Kulwant more fearful. Sarab comes and says that he jokes all the time. He takes her.

Param asks Meher to apply mehndi in his hands. Amrita asks Meher to apply mehndi on her hands as it is said that the mehndi applied by sister-in-law gives lots of happiness.

Meher hands over her hand to Amrita who starts applying mehndi. Meher sees Sarah and wants her name written on her palm.

She tries to explain by explaining Amrita but she pretends not to understand. Everyone watches and teases Meher. Amrita asks if she should write Sarab’s name.

Meher nodded. Amrita writes Sarab’s name on Meher’s palm. Sarab and Meher exchange looks. Sarab smiles upon seeing her. After that his mehndi shows Sarab.

Seema says that it is game time. Param asks if he will play Luka-hid. She replies that no, it is a sardonic game. Seema asks Kulwant if he knows about it.

Vikram says that Kulwant knows the whole game. Seema states that all husbands will find their wives under the chunari and will wear a diamond necklace to them.

All the girls sit under the chunri. Surya asks the boys if they are all set. They are Rana goes first.

He is blindfolded and is sure he will find Ginny but loses the game as he collides with a servant and thinks it is Ginni.

Now vikIt is the turn of rum. Sara wishes Vikram who says that people need the best, when there is a chance to lose, while he is sure he will find his love.

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