Choti Sarrdarrni 7th Saptember 2020

Choti Sarrdarrni 7th Saptember 2020, Param asks Sarab what he is looking for. He warns her pointing to Karan. He is looking at the pictures of Aditi and Vikram in a laptop.

Param asks for a sister and Sarab smiles. Sarab says that Mehar will give a sister just like Karan. Param also smiles sisterly to Meher and Harleen. Harleen agrees with Param and asks him to think about it.

Meher sends Param to play with Karan as they have something to discuss.

Harleen Sarab says that henceforth Vikram should not enter the house for any reason as it is Aditi’s fiance or his friend.

Kulwant indirectly tells Vikram about his fake puncture and Vikram gives it back to him in the same way.

Vikram sees the river where they threw the human and calls him beautiful. Kulwant makes fun of her and Vikram says that she is speaking as if she wants to throw him into the river.

Kulwant calls it a joke. Vikram notices Kulwant’s purse and puts a microphone in his purse. He gets down from the car, saying that his work is finished.

Kulwant becomes suspicious and Vikram sits in his car. He asks to switch on the recorder as he placed the microphone.

Sarab says that even he noticed the pictures and found that they have some issues. But he says that fight happens between every couple and asks them to understand.

He says that Aditi considers have anyone other than them in the world. Sarab says that he will personally call them and sort out their issues. He asks for their support and extends his hands in front of them.

Kulwant hurries into her house calling Bittu. It takes time for him to get the recorder ready.

Harleen tells Sarab that she is always on his side. The set is ready and he starts listening to Kulwant’s voice. Kulwant says that he talked about the river.

They are about to discuss human beings when the young man comes there. Daadi is happy to see him and Yuvi asks for sweets and chocolates sent by Meher.

Rana asks Yuvi to go inside as he has something important to discuss. Grandma gives him her purse to take whatever is in Grandma’s purse.

Sarab says that she will definitely find out if Vikram is fooling Aditi. He says that if he finds out that he is using Aditi he will not leave him at any cost.

Meher says how will she know that Vikram will never tell the truth from her mouth.

Sarab says that she is going to drunkenly confess her truth.

Meher asks how it is possible to drink alcohol alone in their home.

Sarab says that she is going to act like being drunk with him using apple juice.

Harleen and Meher make fun of her acting and call it a stupid plan and leave.

Meher calls Sarab to eat when Sarab acts like a drunkard. She captures her act in a moment and informs Harleen.

Sarab uses filmy dialogues and indirectly asks Meher if she loves him. Meher understands what he is saying and smiles that confesses his love for her.

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