Choti Sarrdarrni 8th Saptember 2020

Choti Sarrdarrni 8th Saptember 2020m, Sarab is still acting as an alcoholic. The video Yuvi calls Param and Param Yuvi depicts Sarab’s acting. Yuvi laughed. Kulwant warns Bittu and Rana to beware of humans.

Yuvi shows Sarab’s video to Kulwant and they are shocked. Kulwant leaves him. He confesses his love between Meher. He demands Meher’s answer indirectly.

Meher smiles and confirms his love for her. Sarab stopped his acting and left Meher. Sara Meher slips and they both fall into the eye lock.

Sara asks Meher how she is acting. Meher jokes and wants her acting to help him. She says she will call Aditi. Aditi tells Mehar about Vikram’s invitation and suspects him.

Aditi hears the sound of the transmitter from Vikram’s phone but Vikram lies to her. He thinks that he cannot hear whatever is in front of Aditi.

Yuvi is still playing with the transmitter and Vikram keeps listening to him. Kulwant sees Yuvi’s transmitter and he says that he found her in his bag.

Kulwant remembers Yadav lifting him in his car. She realizes her plan and thinks it is a bomb. Jagga comes there and asks what happened.

Jagga takes him with him and examines him. He says that it is not a bomb and it has to be kept inside. He calls the technician and he says that it is a transmitter.

Kulwant understands his plan and believes that he is not a human being and Vikram Dewan. Jagga says that he is Vikram and asks him to believe it. She says that Meher knows Manav better than anyone else. He tells them not to make an issue as he himself will leave after investigation.

He leaves Kanpur by asking them to take care of him. Kulwant says that now whatever Vikram says, he will be heard. They both rehearse their work.

Sarab acts drunk with a glass and Meher makes fun of him. She says that no one gets drunk just with a glass of drink. Sarab tries to confess occasionally but Param comes calling them. He says that Aditi and Vikram are here.

Meher sends Param to study and goes to welcome Aditi and Vikram. Vikram is still listening to Kulwant’s voice. Kulwant calls someone and tells that Manav is working in a dhaba in Benaras.

They act as if they would inform Vikram. Sarab and all the people wait for Vikram who is still busy listening to the recording.

Aditi snatches his phone from him and tells him not to embarrass him. Vikram calls the Banaras team and asks them to check on Manav.

Vikram congratulates Sarab and Meher and asks if there is any specific reason for the invitation. Sarab says it’s just together and thanks Aditi sir. Kulwant breaks the transmitter and believes that it is the human who lost his memory.

Sarab sees the fake liquor bottle and starts pouring it. Meher prepares Sarab. She says that she has filled her glass with apple juice.

Sarab asks who is close to her heart and Meher only teases her in the name of Param, Karan and Yuvi. Precap: Meher asks Vikram if they are each other’s first love.

Vikram says that he does not know about Aditi but Aditi is not his first love. He says that he still loves his first love more than Aditi shocking Meher.

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