Choti Sarrdarrni 9th Saptember 2020

Choti Sarrdarrni 9th Saptember 2020, Sarab asks Aditi if Vikram is thinking anything deeply. Aditi says that she always thinks about the case and calls Vikram.

He pours drinks for them. Harleen says that she thinks they will be a successful couple after marriage.

Aditi says that she is very romantic in real and Vikram recites her poem. Sarab says that she recites poetry like them too.

Vikram recites another poem and Meher gets impressed. Meher asks Aditi if this is their first relationship. Vikram says that he does not know about Aditi but his first love is someone else.

Meher gets shocked and Vikram says that even today he loves her more than Aditi. He then clarifies that it is his duty and his nation. Meher gets breakfast for them.

Vikram asks about Sarab and Meher’s love story. Aditi calls them to each other while going crazy for each other.

Aditi says that Satan’s face glows with Meher’s name and Harleen agrees. Sarab says of her first meeting. He says about their misunderstanding.

Meher says that this is why she always says that Sarab is her first love before Param. Sarab teases her. Aditi asks who said that I love you. They recall his unsuccessful attempts to confess.

Sarab gave up drinking but Vikram proposed to get her. Vikram gave Sarab and Meher gave juice to Sarab. He tells her to try for him.

Sarab understands her plan and takes the juice, apologizing to Vikram. Harleen asks Aditi about their relationship. He says that their relationship started a few months back in the hospital.

Meher remembers stabbing the human. Meher left the tray. Harleen and Sara take him with them.

Harleen asks why he was in the hospital. He says that they just met and fell in love. Meher leaves to go to the washroom while Harleen and Aditi make dinner.

Sarab questions Vikram about his relationship with Aditi. Vikram says that Aditi is still a time pass but soon it is just a joke. He says that he was acting drunk like he does.

He tells of his CBI instinct and says that he knows he does not drink. He wants to know why he was acting. Sarab manages the situation.

Vikram heard Karan’s cry. Meher tries to calm him down but he keeps on crying. Vikram comes there and gets affected by his crying.

Sarab also tries to calm her down but he keeps on crying. Even Aditi could not control her. Vikram takes her in his arms and says that Karan wants to be in her arms and is acting like this.

Karan smiles in her arms. Sarab thanks Karan and Vikram says that he is their child. Meher is greatly influenced by it. Vikram says that he is not a child lover, but Karan is different.

Kulwant’s words keep ringing in Mehar’s ears. Sarab asks Vikram why they are waiting for marriage. Vikram says that he will have a talk in his conscious state. He says that he will only marry Aditi and says that the date is in his hands.

He asks her to reveal the details of the scam and he will soon marry Aditi. Aditi tried to control Vikram, all the while beating up.

Sarab reminds her that she is not related to the scam. He also remembers her that he had not found any evidence against him till now.

He says that he asked about Aditi’s marriage as his brother and he would clear her name before that. Meher taunts Vikram. Aditi becomes emotional.

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