Choti Sarrdarrni Today Episode 1 Saptember 2020

Choti Sarrdarrni Today Episode 1 Saptember 2020, Mehar is about to be called by the police but Sarab tells her not to. She asks why and he says that politicians need to think a lot before making a decision.

Meher leaves with anger. Param says Karan that mother and father are fighting.

Kulwant is sure that Vikram will not leave him alone.

Bittu and Rana are eating without any worries and Kulwant taunts them. When she questions Vikram, she asks him whatever he says.

Kulwant asks Amrita to call her husband and come home as she has a very important job. Amrita tries to question but Kulwant drives her away.

Mehar and Sarab find Param angry at each other and make plans to do something. He pats both his back and pretends to sleep.

They both ask what Sarabjit says and he decided after much thought. Meher says she thought a lot and thinks the same.

He taunts her for having a big heart and they both fall asleep again. Param insisted on his insistence.

Vikram asks the police to search for Manav’s file but they say he is missing. They inform that they took the file because of this summary.

Meher indirectly taunts Sara and acts like talking with Karan. Param says that he is hungry. Meher says that she will first give food to Param and then milk to Karan.

Karan starts crying and Param asks him to feed Karan and then gives him food. Meher escapes.

Vikram calls Sarab and asks about Manav whom he asked at the police station. Sarab begs her father to find Manab.

Sarab says that he is a friend of Manav. He states that although they are friends, they do not know each other well. Meher is stunned after hearing the name of a human.

He asks why he is asking about Manav and asks if he wants to investigate the scam through it. Vikram says that although it is not a scam, he needs to find out the truth.

Sarab says that she cannot find anything against him because there is no such thing. They say they hate cheaters and liars.

Vikram says that he will soon find out and cut the call. Meher is about to say something but Param intervenes. Sarab finds Meher missing but Meher answers for Sarab.

Vikram is in discussion with the police about the arrest of Kulwant and his son. Vikram suggested him to send Manav’s dhaba to Kulwant’s house with a note attached to Manav.

They are sure that they will contact them and confess the crime themselves. Harleen, Meher Abs Sarb discussed about the Punjabi festival.

Sarab wants to invite Aditi to the festival and tells Mehar about it.

Bittu and Rana received a meal with the note and showed it to Kulwant. They both panicked but Kulwant took over the situation.

Kulwant pacifies Meher and says whether she accepts or not but she always supports him. She decides to go to any length to save Sarab. Meanwhile, Kulwant goes to meet Vikram.

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