Choti Sarrdarrni Today Episode 11 August 2020, Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip , Future Story, Latest News and Upcoming Twist

Choti Sarrdarrni Today Episode 11 August 2020, Kulwant is asleep and Meher is watching her. She got a call from Paramp, who says that Sarabjit messes everything up and burns pizza. Sarab begs him not to say anything and Meher hears this.

Mehr asks Param to give Sarbala one last chance and he agrees. He will ask when she will come and Meher says that Aji is not well and she will come there as soon as Amrita Bhabhi comes to take care of her.

Aditi brings Vikram to Kulwant’s ward and shows Meher and Kulwant from outside. He enters but finds Amrita there. Meher walks after them and no one pays attention to them.

Kulwant is lying on her side so Vikram could not even see her face. He introduced himself as Sara’s friend. Amrita is about to wake up Kulwant but he stops her. He leaves and Kulwant gets up and looks behind him alone.

Sarab succeeds in making non-burnt pizza and leaves the hot pizza with a stand on the table. He calms Karan down by crying. Param arrives, sees the pizza ready, and immediately runs to it. He was about to touch the burning pizza but Mehr put his hand in the middle. Instead her hands burn.

Sarab runs towards her and recklessly Mehr hits him. Sarab talks about messing everything up and says he’s hungry. She asks him not to worry because she cooked using Sara’s hand. Vikram and Aditi on the other hand have pasta and Aditi asks if Sarab is guilty?

Vikram refused to reveal his thoughts to her. She calls it weird, despite having billions of dollars. He says his job is to eradicate the wrong people and he loves to solve mysteries.

Sarab cooks with Meher’s guidance and Param helps them. They both make pizza and sit down to eat. Mehr smiled at the pizza with Karan’s finger and they all ate the pizza happily.

Amrita is taking care of Kulwant and says that she misses him all very much. Kulwant smiled when he heard that. Mehr Sarab was found asking for his seventh coffee and he refused to drink any more coffee.

Sarab begs her for coffee to keep him active while she works. Mehr sternly says no. She was later found sleeping with Sarbala Param. She says she can only sleep after drinking her Sarab 6 coffee. She laughs at my mention of Sarab. She also joins them at bedtime.

Kulwant finds Aditi and Vikram hugging in the corridor and she is sure he is back to kill her. Aditi told Vikram not to leave Sarabjit and Vikram found it strange. He was surprised if there was any previous surprise or hatred but she said no. The two hugged and soon both of their faces turned sly. Kulwant sees the knife and decides to kill himself once again like last time.

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