Choti Sarrdarrni Today Episode 12 August 2020

Choti Sarrdarrni Today Episode 12 August 2020, Choti Sarrdarrni Today Episode 12 August 2020, Kulwant is chasing Vikram with a knife from the hospital. She peeks into his car and comes home. Kulwant is hiding waiting for the right opportunity to attack him.

Mehr rang Sarabjit’s phone and picked it up. The man did not know that Meher says it was impossible to find the files and asked Sarabjit to postpone his meeting with Vikram.

Mehr recalls the conversation with Sarabjit and says that he will meet her the next day and she will not let Sarab lose. Kulwant tried to stab Vikram but Vikram grabbed her hand and grabbed her tightly.

At home, Ginny finds dal and bread and says she doesn’t have it. Jeethu says the mother is not well and cannot eat them luxury. Ginny shows her pizza and drinks ordered from outside.

Jithu asks how she can eat all this when her mother is not well. Rane came to Ginny’s back and hit Jeethu. Bittu comes there and scolds Rane for raising a voice against Bhabhi.

Ginny says they need to party and they have started playing music. Vikram, on the other hand, snatches a knife from Gulwant and throws it on the dartboard. Meher worships Param and Sarabjit of sleep and starts working on files to prove Satan’s innocence.

At home, Bittu is fascinated by pizza and Jeethu looks at it. She agrees and everyone is starting to get pizza. Vikram says she should not make a noise while trying to kill someone and asked who she is. She wondered why he was behaving as if he didn’t know her.

Vikram mocks her and asks why she is in the house of a CBI officer to kill her. Amrita scolds the hospital staff for not taking proper care of Kulwant. She is surprised that she has gone home and will call Rana but no one has called because everyone except Jitu is drunk. Finally Jithu picked up the phone and Amrita realized that she was not there. Amrita calls Meher and informs him of Kulwant’s disappearance and Meher tells her that she is coming there.

Kulwant goes crazy in front of Vikram so she can understand his game plan. Vikram called the inspector. Meher and Amrita check the CCTV footage and find Kulwant running away like a thief and wondering where she has gone.

Vikram tells the inspectors to arrest Kulwant to find out if he is crazy or not. He asks her not to let her go at any cost. Meher and Amrita are at the police station to lodge a missing complaint against Kulwant. They found Kulwant’s arrested inspector. Observers say Kulwant Vikram is trying to kill Diwan and Meher is shocked. Vikram gets the news that she is Bai Sarab’s mother-in-law and she is Budki.

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