Choti Sarrdarrni Today Episode 13 August 2020

Choti Sarrdarrni Today Episode 13 August 2020, Observers say Vikram Diwan is coming. He is very strict. Fix everything. Amrita said she attacked the CBI officer. What will she do Mehr says ask her why she would do that? Kulwant laughs and dances.

Meher says tell her to stop the drama or they will take her to the shelter. She does this for a reason. What could be the reason? Amrita asked to save Sarab. What does Mehr say? Amrita said that she really cares about Sarab. She is very disappointed with her case. Instead, it will have a negative effect on their image, Meher says. We are already stressed.

Amrita said that what she did was wrong. But you know she does anything for her kids. She forgets what is right or wrong. You should call Sarab and inform her. Meher says I can’t do this. He is already very stressed. After compiling his files, he fell asleep. I’ll tell you when I’m awake.

Sarab gets up and looks at Meher. He says I think she’s in the bathroom. He says I need to work too. Sarab opens your file. Sarab looks at the toilet and says Mehr fixed it. Thank God.

Vikram is on his way. He says I will turn the world upside down.
Kulwant pretends that she is crazy. Amrita said that she was not feeling well. Please let her be with us. The inspector says she can’t sit with you. Vikram called a reporter Nandani. He says, were you asleep? She says we don’t sleep. Vikram says then we are the same.

Vikram says is there breaking news for you tomorrow? She said no. He says I have one for you. News that reveals a lot of people. She said please tell me. He says minutes before I was there .. the inspector called him. He says I’ll call you back. The inspector said, “Sir, where are you?” Kulwant Kaur is acting like this. And her relatives are asking her to sit with her. Vikram says ask the female constable to take care of her. She has a head injury. Don’t touch her. She is a smart woman, she can turn against him.

Amrita asked Meher to please call Sarab. Please we can’t handle this. Meher says I should do it myself. Mehr asked the inspector for his phone. Mehr says I want to talk to Vikram Dewan. Mehr says Vikram G. I am Mrs. Gill. Vikram suddenly braked and stopped the car. Who says he? Says Mehr Sarabchi’s wife. My mother has been arrested. He says are you there Tomorrow your mother’s crime will be breaking news.

Mehr says I should apologize on her behalf. You can do whatever you want with her. Meher says but before that you need to know a truth. She fell off the balcony yesterday and has been working crazy ever since. Vikrant Kulwant remembers acting strangely. Mehr says you can talk to City Hospital,

Dr. Batra or eminent Dr. Aditi Bedi. You can ask her. What she did was because of the nature of her health. At the moment it is not stable. You can do whatever you want now. She returned the phone to the inspector. The inspector says yes sir we will do it.

Sarab looks at the file and says Wow Mehr, you just finished it in one night? He goes to the bathroom and says thank you for what you did. Thanks can’t be enough. Sarab and Meher can do anything together. No one responds. Sarab knocked on the door. She’s not there. Sarber looks around the house for Meher. Meher came out. She walks around the house. Sarab calls her number.


Meher thanks Babaji and says thank you for helping us today. Sarab will not be in trouble now. Sarbala thinks she is talking about the file. Meher told the inspector to let her go, Vikram ordered. Take her to the hospital. Mehr says if you are not there it will be a big problem. I tried my best to save Sarab’s reputation. Thanks for helping me. Always bless Sarab with all the joy in this life. There are no good people like him in this world. Never let him get in trouble, give him all the trouble. I want to be told what I did ..

Sarab says no one could do it. I also want to thank Babaji. Thank you for giving me a companion and a blessing. You have made my life so beautiful as a gift from Meher. I pray every day that our happy life will continue like this. You gave me everything in Meher. Meher looks at him. Meher says I .. He says I understand. You made me sleep and work and then prayed here? Meher says that he will not speak. Please sleep now. Meher says in his mind I will tell him in the morning.

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