Choti Sarrdarrni Today Episode 15 August 2020

Choti Sarrdarrni Today Episode 15 August 2020, While Karan is still holding Vikram’s finger, Sarab and Vikram are entertaining both Karan and them. Meher, on the other hand, successfully persuaded Param and promised to return soon. She noticed that Sarab Karan had been left in the interrogation room.

She tries to enter the room but is stopped by securities. She tries to peek but Sarab hides the record. When Aditi’s phone brings him to reality, Vikram is still worshiping Karan. He picked up the call, telling Sarab to sit down. He talks to Aditi and notices Mehr via CCTV. Only her back is shown and Vikram asks Sarab about that person.

Sarab calls her wife and he brings them for Karan’s vaccination. He calls someone to speak Meher but Sarab himself goes and gives Karan to Meher. He comes back and finds the camera. Vikram says it is a protocol to record their investigation for future purposes. There is confidence in acquitting oneself and the inquiry begins.

The nurse gives Kulwant medicine but she pays the nurse to buy a drink for her. The nurse teases her by calling her crazy and tells her to take medicine. Kulwant was very angry when Amrita, Bittu and Rane went to her with fruits. She demands fast food from them.

Aditi comes there and everyone in the family complains that she is crazy. Aditi consoled her by saying she was not crazy and the nurse told Kulwant to rest. Aditi takes the others aside and asks Kulwant to bring someone to heal him. When they ask who it is, she answers that this human is pushing them. She says she has been using human names for a long time and Rane has fainted on hearing this. Param has already seen it late at night and Meher and Sarab have not returned yet.

Sarab answers all of Vikram’s questions and gives him proof of that. Vikram says he will ask you to read it carefully. He soon wrapped up the investigation and Sarab is about to leave. Vikram asks him if Sarbala is shocked to hear that Kulwant is still attacking people.

Kalwant said Meher had approached him to apologize on behalf of Vikram and Kulwant for the night attack on the house. He teased Sarab for not knowing about it. He has grown old that she is injured and so he forgave her but will not forgive him. Sarab ate the dust. Meher asks Sarab if everything is fine but he leaves asking her to come with him. Meher gets worried and goes after him.

Vikram sees Meher back through CCTV. Aditi asked Vikram about the phone. Vikram calls him strange that he is asking about her instead. He says the person who created the file is very smart and needs to look deeper into it.

Meher and Sarab are in the car and Meher asks him why he is angry. Sarab looked at her as Kulwant and Meher shouted. Suddenly Sarbala remembers that Meher was trying to tell him the truth but he did not listen. He feels guilty and apologizes to her. He tells her to punish. Meher makes him sit on the street and asks him to buy ice cream for her.

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