Choti Sarrdarrni Today Episode 2 Saptember 2020

Choti Sarrdarrni Today Episode 2 Saptember 2020, Vikram opens the door and tells you? Kulwant says can I come in? He says that those who hope in the front windows are now asking for permission? She comes and serves food.

He says what is this play? Kulwant says what have you written? If the food is tasty, let me know. So I thought let’s eat it here. Have you added poison to it? Never mind, Kulwant Kaur has so much poison that if I bite a snake it will die.

Mim Singh gives medicines to Aditi. He says that you ordered Param’s mind to be weakened. Aditi remembers Param saying that he is taking her evil eye.

Aditi says that I was sinning. He is an innocent child. He will not be a victim of my vengeance. My problem is with Sarab and Harleen. Param calls him. He says when will you come tomorrow? Why does Aditi say? Param says it is Teej.

Father said that all my aunt will come. So I called Aditi Bua first. Aditi says that I will not be able to come, I am busy. Param says uncle, please ask her to come.

Meher says you have to come. All of Sarab’s sisters are coming tomorrow. You have to fulfill your sister’s duties. Say something.

Aditi says what should I do? How will I face you both? I made a big mistake. I also do not deserve your forgiveness. Sarab says that sisters should never apologize.

I know you didn’t do that. She is your fiancé and may have pressured you. Adit says no, I trust you. I only wanted Vikram to see the reality and end this investigation.

Sarab says that we know your intentions. Please tell me you will come. Aditi says I will.

Vikram says what is this all about? Someone sent you why you are here? Kulwant says as if you are Vikram Dewan. Kulwant says that you are tall, young and alive.

what do you want? You stare at me, you follow me, you annoy my SIL. You can’t fool me You are human Vikram stands up and says that when you know that I am a human, the human that was lost is back.

Wonderful wonderful Do you remember what happened that night? That storm, that light. She says I remember everything. There is a camera Kulwant says that you know everything.

She cries and says, man, I gave you 2 crore last time for not blackmailing you. You fooled my daughter and leaked her personal photos. You tried to discredit him. Please remove those photos. You agreed after getting that money. Please forgive me.

He says what about the back stab? Kulwant says you grabbed my daughter from behind. Forgive him and make him happy. Vikram is confused. He says he is lying or is it true? Kulwant says from the heart that if he is human, why is he silent on my lies?

The house is decorated for the Harleen festival. She says decorate the swings with flowers. Where are they? They will look so empty.

Meher says we will decorate them. Param and Meher made fake flowers. Param says Mama knew that we would not be able to find flowers, so we made them last night.

Harleen says Meher, you solve all our problems. Meher says you get ready. I’ll handle it. Harleen says sir is ready? Meher says she is upset. He is saying, where is his Guddi today?

Sarab looks at Guddi’s picture and reads his father’s poem. Harleen hugs her. He says that I gave you this gift. He gives her a diamond ring.

Harleen says that you are the most precious diamond for me. Your smile and happiness are my diamond. Promise me you will share everything with me.

Kulwant tells Bittu and Rana, I first realized, something is wrong. I caught that human. How is he listening to my fake story? Bittu says is he not human? Kulwant says that he is human. He either lost his memory or he is acting. We threw him into the river. Rana says that it is even better.

Bittu says what will happen if he regains his memory? Rana said yes? Kulwant slaps him and says that you ruin everything. Amrita comes and says come on? Kulwant says that Jagga came? Amrita says that she could not.

Sarab says that his brother will be with him soon. She will have a sister like you. Harleen says I’m sure we’ll find Guddi soon. I have got another clue, his date of birth is 25 September. Guddi will be with us soon.

Vikram sewed Aditi’s blouse. He says that you look very beautiful. He sees the mark on her back. Aditi says when did you come? He says now.

She says that I am going to Sarab’s house for the festival. Vikram says that Mrs Gill’s family will also be coming. He has another brother Jagga, I have not met him yet. I will visit him today. Let me get ready.

Aditi says are you crazy? You know what happened. Things became normal between them. What will happen if our relationship deteriorates? What does Vikram say? Why do I think you have anything to do with this Gill family?

Param says three swings for maternal uncle, aunt and aunt. Meher calls Jagga. He says that I am in a meeting. Meher says that I wish you could come.

Vikram says that you try to be close and above them. Aditi says that you have started doubting my CBI job.

I also have a social life. Param calls me aunt. They respect me very much. Do you have any problem with them? Please do not come there. She left. Choti Sarrdarrni Today Episode 2 Saptember

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