Choti Sarrdarrni Today Episode 20 August 2020

Choti Sarrdarrni Today Episode 20 August 2020, Choti Sarrdarrni Today Episode 20 August 2020, Vikram asks Aditi that I have sent you a photo. Can you tell us who they are? Aditi says that they are Meher’s brothers Bittu and Rana. What are they doing outside your house? Vikram says that I knew someone would enter the house tomorrow. I will wait for the right time for a response. Aditi says what will you do? She reaches somewhere.

Meher says thank God, Karan is better now. Sarla tells Harleen, I told you that Vikram cannot do anything. He has to close the case. Aditi comes. Meher says Aditi. What a pleasant surprise Sarab says. Sarab says this is your house, but is everything good? Aditi says that I wanted to check Karan.

Meher says thank you. Nobody can do much for this house. Aditi says Sarab called me her sister. Harleen says that you are our sister. Param comes and says hi friend. Aditi says that all of you consider me a family. So, it is my duty to meet my Mr. Perfect. Sarab says who is she? Aditi says that you know her.

Sarab tells the truth? Is she from punjab Aditi says from Delhi. Meher says that one should be a doctor. She says there is no government official. He works in CBI. Name says sir? Aditi says that Vikram Diwan. Everyone is shocked. Sarab remembered her moments with Vikram.

Harleen says I have an important call. She left. Aditi says I’m sorry. I can understand Harlene’s feelings. This is the reality. what could I do? His inquiry is troubling you and your family. He is mine .. Meher says that it is not your fault. We have no problem.

Sarab is right. I have no problem with Dewan. He is doing his work here. Outside her office she is my sister’s fiance. Aditi says great will you meet her? Today is our prologue anniversary? Come to dinner with him? Sure says.

Param says when will you check Karan? Aditi says that you have to be my assistant. He says I’m a doctor now? Param says I am Doctor Param? They come into the room. Aditi asks Lalita to keep an eye on the door while he gives her a special nebulizer. She asks him to check Karan’s heart.

Aditi prepares the inhaler and takes it. Param looks at him. Aditi says do you want it? Someone comes out The inhaler falls from his hand. Meher says uncle, dr. Aditi was giving me .. Sweet .. Aditi says block games gift. The ultimate says wow. Thank you aunt Aditi asks for water from Meher. Meher goes out.

Aditi says I am giving it to you because you are a big boy now. Don’t tell me about it to Meher Mama. Param says a very big boy. She says that you are my assistant doctor. This will be our secret. He gives her an inhaler. Meher arrives. The ultimate hides it.

Sarla tells Harleen, relax. This is just a coincidence. Harleen says it is not. She was here when the news broke. Then why didn’t he mention? That they are engaged? He hid it. Sarab says why would she tell today? Harleen says I don’t know. She was pretending. You did not go to his place to eat.

Sarab says that if she is doing a drama, what will dinner do? He has no one in this world. She is single, she invited us as a family. I called her sister. What would be wrong with just going to dinner.

Aditi is going Param hid the inhaler in his pocket. He comes to Karan and says what have I got? Do you want it You did not make it because you are small. But I’m your Bigby, I’ll share it with you. Let’s both eat it together. Don’t tell Mama. It’s a top secret. She is about to give it to Karan. Meher arrives. The ultimate hides it. Meher says your online class time. Param says I want to play. Meher says no. It is class time.

Meher asks Sarab, which dress should I wear? He says that I am not good with colors. Meher says that I am asking which dress you would like to see me in? Sarab chooses one. Meher smiled. She also chooses her jewelry.

Rana was conscious. Bittu and Kulwant asked what he had seen that day? Rana says that Vikram is human. Bittu is surprised. Kulwant says I told you both. He shows them the letter he picked up. Bittu says it is a ration card. He read his father and mother’s name and he is from Dehli.

Bittu states that Manav was an orphan. He cannot become a CBI officer so easily. Mehr says that anyone can make fake papers. We cannot be fooled by this, his eyes told me that he is human. Bittu says how will we find out? Kulwant says that we will go there to Dehli and meet the people he mentions as his parents.

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