Choti Sarrdarrni Today Episode 27 August 2020

Choti Sarrdarrni Today Episode 27 August 2020, Sarab teases Meher and tells him what it is. Showing cartoons to Param Karan. Kulwant calls again and begs Meher to give him the call.

Meher gave the call to everyone but at the same time heard the doorbell. Kulwant tells Mehar that Vikram is human and wants to take revenge on him. She tells him to keep her away from him by all means.

Aditi opens the door and Meher is shocked to see Vikram. Kulwant’s words keep repeating in his mind and drop the phone.

Robbie asks Harleen if she can accept her step sister, then why can’t she accept Karan. She says because that girl is her father’s blood but not Karan.

She says Sarab is showing her immense love and what will happen when her real father returns. He is also concerned that Sarab never questioned who the father of the child is. There are many reasons that she does not want Karan in her life. Meher summons Vikram inside.

Aditi asks Vikram to be careful so that nobody realizes his true intentions. Param comes there and says that he recognized her.

He remembers removing the human from the rope with a trick and wants to do the same but Vikram cuts him off. Param gets upset but immediately smiles when Vikram gives him a toy car and leaves.

Sarab invites Vikram and leaves to investigate something. Meher on the other hand feels restless and Kulwant keeps calling her.

Meher yells that it is not human and cuts off the call. Param shows Karan the car and plays with him. Vikram finds Gobi Parantha on the table and says that he only likes inter-continental food.

Sarab asks to make spaghetti but Vikram says that black coffee is enough for him. Meher remembers a human who loves eating Punjabi.

She says that Vikram is completely unlike human and says that she is not human. Aditi finds Vikram busy on her phone and asks that it has been 10 minutes.

Vikram shows his phone and finds Sarab and Harleen talking. It is revealed that he has attached a camera and mic to the toy car gifted to Param.

It is seen that Sarab begs Harleen to come down to welcome Vikram but Harleen is against it as she still doubts him. He tries to convince her but she doesn’t listen.

Param shows Sarab a toy car and asks him to play outside.

Param takes it out and shows his grandfather’s picture. Vikram remembers seeing the photo at Aditi’s house and asks about Guddi but she lies that she is his patient.

Param then goes to Meher who unlocks the locker using the password and Vikram sees the password.

Soon the battery drains and the camera closes. Karan charges it using a charger and leaves the room. Aditi, Sarab and Vikram begin their script practice when the charger catches fire.

Meher comes out of the washroom and is shocked to see Karan in the fire and shouts for Sara and Karan’s name. She tries to save Karan but the fire was around her cradle. Meher panicked while others heard his screams.

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