Choti Sarrdarrni Today Episode 28 August 2020

Choti Sarrdarrni Today Episode 28 August 2020, Meher was surprised to see Karan trapped in the fire. She tries to save him but the fire is too much.

Sara and Vikram rush to save Mehar and Karan. The door is closed but Meher could not go to the door to open it. Sarab breaks the door and finds her completely burning.

A burning log is about to fall on Meher but Sara saves him. Param tries to leave but Harleen and Robbie stop him. Meher calls Karan whose cradle is burning.

Vikram takes Karan and takes him to Sarab. Sarab takes Karan out with Meher. Aditi tells him to save Vikram but Vikram is opening the locker using the password.

Param shows Sarab the empty trolley and Meher says that Karan is in bed. Sarab tries to see the bed catching fire but he cannot. Sarab is devastated while everyone cries.

Vikram hears Karan’s voice and rushes to save him without opening the locker. He wraps her in his coat and a burning log falls on his back. Sarab comes in and throws the log but Vikram gets lost in Karan. Sarab saves Vikram and Karan from falling once again and they both go out.

Vikram gives Karan to Meher and he cries and cries. Sarab thanks God and everyone feels relieved. Sarab thanks Vikram and hugs him. Aditi asks if she is okay for Vikram? Meher asks Aditi to check as Karan is choking.

Aditi says that she took out a lot of smoke and asked everyone to open all the windows and turn on all the fans. Aditi tries to give cpr but does not have asthma. Sarab offers to do it but Aditi says that it needs proper training.

Vikram offers to give cpr to the things learned during training. He gives Karan a cpr and Meher tells Sarab to call an ambulance as they need to treat him as Karan is not opening his eyes even after cpr.

Aditi says that this is not right and they will have to be treated right there. Aditi sends Sarab to get an oxygen cylinder while she sends Vikram to her house so that she can get a medical kit. They take Karan to Harleen’s room.

All are exhausted while Param prays to God to bring his brother back. Harleen sees it tearing and assures Param that nothing will happen to Karan. They both pray to save Karan. All are crying in worry for Karan.

Vikram and Sara return at the same time and run to Aditi. Aditi cures everything and starts treating Karan. Finally, Karan is conscious and everyone breathes a sigh of relief.

They thank God while Aditi says that she needs to keep them in mind for some time. Everyone including Aditi and Vikram are sleeping near Karan at night and Sara says the same.

Karan wakes up and everyone is happy to see Karan out of danger. Vikram tells someone about the investigation and Sarab comes there. He thanks her for his help tomorrow and Vikram says that he is like a son to her.

Sarab sets his drink down and Vikram notices him. Both of them once again go back to challenge each other over the matter.

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