Choti Sarrdarrni Today Episode 30 July 2020

Choti Sarrdarrni Today Episode 30 July 2020, Sarab and Meher are not lost to Param. Sarbala regrets shouting at Param and tells Mehr that it was his fault and he could have understood Param calmly. Mehr tells Sarab that she can’t sleep without Param. He is still angry and asks Sarab to bring her.

Mehr begged him to go with her to Harleen’s room. Param is sleeping between Harleen and Robbie. Meher is outside the front door and Param goes out to look. Meher tells him that the baby is missing him a lot and asks him to come with him. She apologized to Sarab.

Param angrily tells her son that she is not his brother and he will never talk to her again or even touch her. He goes in and closes the door. Meher and Sarab both knock on the door asking him to open it but Param starts shouting at them.

Meher looks hurt and treats her as if she is hurt. Param stops but Harleen opens the door before he leaves and sarcastically tells them to call the doctor. Growing up in Param, give Param a little space and let her stay with her tonight, she says. She bids them farewell.

Kulwant presents a makeup set praising her to Jito. They both envy Ginny. Ginny angrily leaves. Harleen tells Param that Meher is not injured but is being tested. She asks him to test his parents. She and Robbie tell him that if parents really love their children, they will be counted from one child to ten.

Measures with utter sorrow and runs out. He is disappointed not to see Meher and Sarab. Mehr is extremely worried and saddened by him. They are lying on the bed thinking about him.

Aditi is looking at some files in her room. Her hand accidentally touches the photo frame and she catches it on time. She sees a picture of her and her mother. She emotionally recalls a memory where her mother lamented Aditi’s inability to pay school fees because all the money was going for her treatment.

Aditi promised her that one day she would become the best doctor in India and treat her ailments for free. When the child hears crying, Param counts 100, 101. He goes to his room to find the baby crying alone in bed.

Param tells the baby that his parents leave their attention in one place and keep it fresh and keep the baby here. He imitated many animals to stop the baby from crying. Sarab and Meher are hiding behind the curtain and he is lovingly talking to the baby. The baby stops crying and Param keeps talking to him.

Mehr and Sarab hugged Param saying sorry. Param says he is still angry but when he heard the baby crying he came. He tells Sarab that he pulled the baby out of the crib with such difficulty that the baby could sleep in them and hug them. Sarab and Meher ask sorry. Param says he counted up to 200 and waited for it to come but it didn’t happen. Mary said she was counting down to 300 waiting for Param to arrive. The two of them hugged Param and calmed him down.

Ginny woke Rana up, threw her into the water and shouted for her to leave, threatening Jito, who had been harassing her all day. Rana walks away like a lion and starts talking loudly about Jito as Jinny says. When Kulwant came out and started barking, he remained silent.

Jito teases him again and takes Kulwant inside to massage his leg. The queen advised Ginny not to cross her path because she saw her mother’s true colors. He warns her to stay away from her mother because she can go anywhere. Ginny said she too could cross all limits and teach Kulwant a lesson in less than 12 hours. Tharakash gave Sarbala a diamond necklace and told her not to stop in Delhi to deliver on time.

Sarab thanks him. Ask if today is a special day. Sarab calls it the naming of Bandru. Tharkash congratulates Sarab. Sarab compliments Har and says that he will wear Meher and from today she can feel his love with every emotion. Both were shocked to hear Meher come and hid the necklace behind them and pretended to dance.

Meher says at 7am and he’s dancing here. Asks her if she has a fever? As his naming of Bandra, Sarab enthusiastically tells her a pleasant fever. Meher said she still remembers the day when she told him about the baby, a lot had changed. She tells him that she was very lonely at the time but now she is her strength. She looks at him affectionately and says she is a godsend in her life. They look at everyone.

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