Choti Sarrdarrni Today Episode 31 August 2020

Choti Sarrdarrni Today Episode 31 August 2020, Sarab told Meher that someone had hacked his account. Aditi gets shocked while Sara turns on the camera.

He finds Vikram on screen and is shocked. He shows it to Meher and Meher is also shocked to see him. Sarab denies access and the alarm goes on.

The securities place Vikram at gunpoint to attempt to open the locker. Vikram asks him to rest and says that he is a CBI officer. He says he will let them talk with the head of office of Interpol.

He tries to show them the ID card, but they don’t let him go. Robbie asks Harleen what she is doing and she says that she is organizing the force to find her sister.

Ronnie asks how he would find someone who has been lost for so long. Harleen believes that whether she is far and near but will definitely return to them.

On the other hand Aditi gives a letter to Param to give her parents and leaves. Vikram shows them his ID card and they put the gun down. He gets a call and Vikram thinks it is from the headquarters. They call Vikram to find Sarabjit.

He says that if he asked, he would be given the card himself. He says that he was willing to give his life to save his son and why not this. Vikram says that to catch his crime he needs to do so.

Sarab says that he never committed any crime and was always afraid of God. He gives access to the locker and asks him to investigate his most valuable thing.

Shocked, Vikram opened the locker only to find Meher’s bangles, which he wore as the new bride. Vikram shocks him while Meher is stunned.

Sarab screams for fear of her breaking up. Vikram collects it and puts it back inside the locker. He apologizes to Sarab and feels guilty Maihar sheds tears after learning about Sarab’s love for her.

They get emotional and share with each one how important the other person is to them. Meher calls Aditi to call her. She is sure that Aditi has a plan in hand and she is the one who gave the OTP.

He goes to confront Aditi when Param gives him the letter. Aditi gets upset that her plan fails due to Vikram. She calls Vikram only to learn that Meher’s bangles are near the locker.

She falls for Vikram but soon hides him. Vikram says that he has no evidence to prove Sarab guilty but there are some other things in the story.

Meher reads Aditi’s apology letter and realizes that dinner and everything is a joint plan of Aditi and Vikram. Sarab supports Aditi, saying that she was forced by Vikram as her fiancé.

Meher is still angry and is about to call the police but Sara stops her. He says that he will answer Vikram on his way.

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