Choti Sarrdarrni Today Episode 31 July 2020

Choti Sarrdarrni Today Episode 31 July 2020, Harleen and Robbie come to Lalita. Harleen asks what is your full name? She said why Lalita Sharma? Robbie says then why were you saying Varakamana on the phone? Harleen says it is used in the South. Mehr says Lalita cum dinner. Lalita said thank you ma’am I will eat later. Meher says we all eat together. Lalita says that after marriage I became Lalita Sharma. Everyone eats dinner.

Harleen said Mehr how are you feeling now? Eat well Mehr says I feel better, thanks to Dr. Adiat. Sarab says we have invited her to be named. Harlin says doctors are telling her to make social distance. Sarab says no one even comes from the attic. We go there. Only Aditi.

Sarab says decide the names of the aunts. You will decide. “I’m not interested in naming anyone,” Harleen says. Param Meher Mama Who put my name? Says Sarab Harleen Buwa. Param says Buwa you gave me my name why not little baby? You’re Auntie S Well. Sarab says Param eat your food. Param Sa Papa is very bad today.

Aditi is seen on old photos. It also has a nice photo of the woman labeled ‘Bai’. Memesi comes out. Aditi said who is here? I asked you never to come into this room. He says I did not enter. Called Lalita. She said Harlene probably knew that Sarab is the baby’s child. She asked the boy to name it.

Seeing the ultimate happiness. He sees her doll in her dustbin. Param asked Harleen where is the happiness? Harleen said it’s too late so she fell asleep. Param says her doll was out of the dustbin. Harleen said she brought this look out because she’s a new one. What does Robbie say? She got a new one so she pulled out the old one.

Harlin says but you can’t forget old things when you’re new. Robbie says new things become your favorite. Param says people got bored with old dolls? Robbie says that your uncle Papa is bored with having a new baby. Param says, you are not lying. Mama Papa is not bored.

Harleen said yes yes you are our special baby. Mama Papa loves you and gives you a gift every week. What did they get last week? He remembers Cot. Param says I got nothing. The coat was for the baby as well. Harlin says don’t worry, I’m here, I’ll give you a gift. To get the ultimate.

Mehr says sibling competition is common. Param is a child as well. I don’t want him to feel ignored. Sarab I felt the same. So I first ordered two coats but then I thought the ultimate has grown. Meher Now everything will be two in this house. Sarab is fine. Something goes in her eyes.

Sarab cleans her eye. Their theme song venues. The hair on the back of her hair was taken by Sarab behind her hair. He says that these strands look like the shadow of the moon. Meher says nice poem. He says he’s mine. Meher says he never told you to write poetry. He says what will I get if you like it? Mehr says a bit thumb, she runs.

Param comes to the baby and says I could not touch you and you started crying and sin cursed me. You have new toys I want new toys too. The baby is crying. Param says you are saying sorry? If you’re smiling, I think you’re saying sorry. Baby smile.

Param says sorry you said, that’s fine. Do you feel like sleeping with Mama and Papa? The Supreme loves you. You can sleep with Mama and Papa. He tries to take the baby. Meher and Sarab are coming there. Param takes the baby and leads him to bed. Param Slips and Baby Falls Meher and Sarab Scream. Baby falls on a gasp. Mehr sits in shock. Sarab picked up the baby. Meher Hugs Param and says are you okay? What happened, Harlin says? Sarab says that the baby fell from Param’s hand. Sarab says Lalita please check the baby. Param says I didn’t fall for him.

Sarab says thank God he fell on the screen. Robbie says is the baby okay? Lalita says he is Lalit. Don’t worry. Param says Papa, Baby wants to sleep in bed with you. Sarab says just shut up. I tot you you have caught babies. So why did you pick him up? What if something serious happens? You are getting stubborn day by day. Param says Papa I feel like .. Sarab says I feel like slapped ..

Meher says you talk like that to children? You can’t talk like that. Sarab says there is a difference between mistakes and wrong things. Meher Param says, OK. But say sorry. Harleen says why should he forgive? What does Sarab say? Harleen said, “Sarab, how dare you talk to me like that?” He is a child I will not tolerate this tone against him. Param says you are bad. You always curse me. I didn’t even check to see if I was healed. Param Hugs Harleen and says I sleep with you. They are bad. I don’t want to sleep with them. Harleen takes syrup and leaves.

Meher came after Param. Sarab stops her and says that a little toughness is important for him otherwise it will become a habit. He becomes very stubborn. Le Him b. Mehr says but .. Sarab says stay with Harilin. It will be fine

Param cries. Harleen said you are my lion baby. Don’t cry Robbie says that

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