Choti Sarrdarrni Today Episode 5 Saptember 2020

Choti Sarrdarrni Today Episode 5 Saptember 2020, Everyone is happily dancing in celebration. Sarabjit says that the time has come for the brothers to give gifts to the sisters. He says that first the ultimate will give to Harleen.

Param and Sarab gifted Harleen. Aditi feels that Harleen is very lucky for the family and Sarab’s love. After this Mehar gets gifts from his brothers. Vikram watches.

Later Sara gives a gift to Aditi. Meher sees Vikram and thinks about what he has in mind.

Sarab sees the last gift. He picks her up and Aditi attends the call. Kulwant asks Sarab whose gift it is and why they have kept it apart.

Harleen tries to stop him but Sarab refuses to listen. He says that they need to bring the truth to everyone. They say that in this good time they want to confess something to everyone.

Sarab says that the gift is for his sister. He reveals that he has another sister who is the daughter of his father’s second wife. He says that he will definitely find a sister.

Aditi is busy on the call while Sarab promises to find her at any cost. He says that once he finds her they will give him all the love and respect.

Kulwant says how would they find him without name and identity. Harleen revealed that her father used to call her Guddi. Vikram remembers seeing Guddi’s photo in Aditi’s house.

They also say of a mole on the back of his neck. Vikram remembers seeing the mole on Aditi’s back.

He records the poem which is known only to Sarab, Harleen and Guddi. Everyone wishes Sarab to find Guddi. Vikram realizes that Aditi is Guddi.

Aditi finds Sarab crying. Before he can go to her, Vikram says that he can get emotional seeing the whole family together. Aditi asks Sarab what happened. Sarab says that she was already crying for her farewell.

Aditi says that it is time for this and she says that she needs to go to the hospital in some emergency.

Vikram says that he will be present there but Aditi forcefully pulls him away with her. Meher remembers the tense situation between Aditi and Vikram and tells him to Sarab.

She says that she does not think their relationship will last long. Meher says that she feels that there is some problem between Aditi and Vikram.

Vikram sends Aditi to her car and Aditi warns him not to go back inside as he has already embarrassed her a lot. Vikram promises that he will not. Vikram makes some plans.

Amrita revealed that Yuvi will return from her grandmother’s house today.

Kulwant warns Sarab about Vikram. Sarab says that Vikram came here as Aditi’s fiancée and he has no issues as long as she is not as fiancé.

Meher asks Jagga to call him daily and Jagga promises him. Param says Karan is crying and Meher leaves to check on him.

Vikram bid goodbye to Jagga but soon his tire burst. Vikram remembers his car tire burst plans and Kulwant understands that.

Vikram asks Jagga for a lift and she agrees. Kulwant and all the people got tired. Vikram goes by car with Jagga and Kulwant. Meher notices Vikram in Jagga’s car and Jagga says that he is giving a lift.

Meher offers to send another vehicle but Jagga refuses. Harleen notices Meher thanked. Meher says that he does not think Vikram is a good person.

She tells of Vikram’s departure with Jagga. This is what Harleen says. He also watched Vikram’s video recording his poetry. Mehar and Harleen get tense.

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