Choti Sarrdarrni Today Episode 17 August 2020

Choti Sarrdarrni Today Episode 17 August 2020, Aditi says that I met Kulwant. He is stable now. But if the strike happens again, the matter can become complicated. Sarab says that Meher has no worries. It is a medical condition. Aditi says that Karan is still underweight. You have to take care of it. Pre-mature children take time to develop an immune system.

Sarab says that she likes me, even likes me. Aditi says no, she doesn’t look like you either. Meher says that does not matter. I do not look like a family. This is a personality that matters. I hope his personality is like Sarab’s. He speaks so well. And her presence of mind, she always keeps me from falling. Sarab says what else do you like about me? Meher gets confused.

Kulwant says that he is alive before he punishes me, I will kill him. Amrita says that you attacked CBI officer Vikram Dewan. Kulwant says that he is showing off. Rana tells Bittu don’t worry, if you hit a crazy person with a hammer on the same wound, their minds come back.

Rana says how many fingers are there? Kulwant slaps him. She says that man is fooling you. He is Vikram. We have to kill him. Bittu says I am married, we have families now. Kulwant says that if the case file is opened now both of you will go to jail with me. She tells him the plan.

Meher tells Karan, are you tired? Papa will come soon Sarab brings ice cream and says that there is a couple. The ice cream you touch with your lips is lucky. Meher says are you flirting with me? He says why would I? Meher says why won’t you? I am your wife.

Sarab says, do you mind it? Meher says I do not. His ice cream drops. Sarab says that you were lying. You can eat mine Meher says we can share it. They eat it together. Sarab says that Vikram is not exactly what Diwan looks like. Meher says that I never saw him. Sarab says that he is strange. He says that he has no love for anyone but started playing with Karan as if he had an affair. Meher says that CBI officers are like this.

Param says how long will it take for Karan’s checkup? Robbie says that your parents went to the meeting. Why would they take Karan there? Mom tells father lies if Param says? Robbie says they took him out for fun and they lied to you. Param calls Meher.

Meher says that we are coming home supreme. Param says what is orange on your lips? Meher does not say anything. Sarab gives him ice cream. Param says that you are all enjoying the ice cream. You both are liars. He throws the phone and cries. Param says uncle and father are liars.

Vikram calls Aditi and says do you want to help me in this matter? She says yes. Vikram tells him something. Bittu and Rana are out. Rana says what shall we do? He looks so powerful. They did not see his face.

Meher comes home and gives Karan to Lalitha. She asks where is Param. Lalitha says that he slept and became very mad. Mehar and Sara come into the room and search for Param. He is hidden in the tent.

Meher says that Param is not here. How are we to tell her that we went out to plan her surprise? Sarab says that if she goes with us, she will be surprised. Meher says what is surprise? Sarab says that his maternal uncle will make different flavors for him. What does Meher say? She says another big surprise is that her father will take us all to the farmhouse for a picnic. He is very happy.

Meher says that his father will set up a new tent and a new ride for him. Meher smiles. Sarab says you did not mention a special surprise? You told me that you would make pizza pasta and burgers for the ultimate for picnics. Meher says but Param is insane, how shall we say that? Sarab says that I think we have to cancel this plan.

Param comes out and says no one cancels. Param says but this party will be of maternal uncle, father and sir and not of Karan. Meher says yes, what will Karan do in a big party? Sarab says yes we will sleep and party with Sarab. Tells the absolute truth? They hugged her and said yes.

Rana says please let go. He is not coming out. Bittu says that Mummy ji said that the case file will open. A delivery boy comes in and asks Vikram Dewan? Rana says that it tells me that you will not look like her. He rings the bell. Bittu says why did you ring the bell? Go now Rana and Bittu are scared. Vikram comes out.

Meher says that Radhika (servant) Sarab’s turban is dry? She says they are on the lawn. Meher says I will get them. Sarab said to Harleen and Robbie, Meher is a blessing for me. She compiled the report well. She is very intelligent. Meher smiled and blushed. She listens to it.

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