Deep Fake actress Rashmika

Deep Fake actress Rashmika Mandana

Deep Fake actress Rashmika Mandana Video – An example of how artificial intelligence can be misused is Deep Fake technology. This technology can do the miracle of literally changing the face and voice of another person in a video. This change is so accurate that it is difficult for the average person to distinguish between a real video and a fake video. Rashmika Mandhana has become a victim of this technology. A video has been morphed using Rashmika’s face.

Unable to recognize whether this video is real or fake, millions of people have seen this video on X, mistaking it for Rashmika’s video. After this shocking case came forward, Amitabh Bachchan has also demanded that legal action be taken against such cases.

This original video is by Zara Patel. This is the video of Zara Patel coming out of the lift. This video has been morphed using Deep Fake technology and Rashmika’s face has been superimposed on Zara’s face. Journalist Abhishek Kumar has exposed this situation. This video has been found offensive by many.

What is Deep Fake?
It is a type of synthetic media. A person’s face in a photo or video can be replaced with another person’s face. Making fake photos or videos in this way is nothing new. But in Deep Fake, artificial intelligence is used to create a very precise fake video or photo. Deep Fake videos can be identified by unnatural facial features, lack of coordination between eyes and head.