Doctor Don Today Episode 10 March 2020

Doctor Don Today Episode 10 March 2020, We see mom flirting with honey. An embarrassed Monica tells her to wait. Ai reveals that Monica is surprised that the person she flirts with is her future husband. The mother pretends to be in love with Madhu, so Monica takes things seriously and plans to marry God.

Meanwhile, God appears in prayer to God. He then confesses that he is madly in love with Monica. God told him to take him on the path of love. Outside the temple, the truth came to the notice that Dr. Monica’s car is moving. God told the truth to stop the train. As Monica gets out of the car, the truth indicates that she may leave God in college in advance.

Monica refuses to do so. Then Truth banned Monica’s car exhaust pipe. Monica’s car doesn’t start so God pretends to help her. Truth unlocked the pipe after the car started. Then God asked Monica if she would like to get in the car with her. Monica reluctantly agrees.

After a while, God and Monica realized that they both had R. D. Loves Burman’s songs. Deva tries to flirt with the latter in the car. Once they arrive at the college, Monica is informed that Mr. Lokhande is harassing the college administration. The latter says that Dean Dr. He won’t leave until he meets Monica. God asks who is Mr. Lokhande? Monica reveals that the iron mill supplies laboratory equipment to the college. She further reveals that ironies are hurting her because Monica has not passed the bills.

Later, Lokhande along with God appeared before Dr. Monica threatened. Lokhande says that whoever believes in his path will be punished. An angry god can’t tolerate rude talk with Monica and hangs her upstairs from the balcony. Now, fearing death, ironies promise Monica an apology. When the latter comes, God lets the iron go. After a while, Monica wonders why God helped her when she was in trouble.

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