Doctor Don Today Episode 21 July 2020

Doctor Don Today Episode 21 July 2020, We see how Radha fails to find a home. She tried to call many people and nearby hostels but got negative answers. Kabir tries to help her find it. Later, Radha Pandey, Satya and Gabbar were found. They make fun of her and laugh. They say that now they have to come back to her house with them, but God is silent. Radha got angry. She says the college has told people to go to their homes, but that is God’s house, and as far as her question is concerned, it has nothing to do with God. She walks away in anger.

Meanwhile, Kabir enlists the help of Monica for Radha’s housing problem. But Monica reminded him that she was his teacher and that she could not help him. Kabir gets frustrated and says that sometimes he needs a mother but not a teacher. Monica realizes her mistake and says he can bring Radha to their house. Kabir is very happy about this and says that since their relationship is secret, they will try to keep it that way. He also tells her that he will remove all their pictures and prevent her from calling her mother. Monica agrees to this for Kabir’s happiness.

On the other hand, God is crying and sad. He linked the incident to Akka. He tells everyone that he has separated many children from their parents as part of his business as Don. He adds that he is now repenting and that this is his punishment from God. He was comforted by his friends and Akka. In the next part we will see how we follow Radha and Kabir. He says they are his best friends and would love to be with them. But Monica kicked him out of the house. She warned police to call.

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