Doctor Don Today Episode 22 July 2020

Doctor Don Today Episode 22 July 2020, God cares that Radha is with Kabir and Dr. Monica. He wants to be close to her. He packs his bags and arrives at Monica’s house. He says he will stay with his best friends Radha and Kabir. He also tells Monica that he eats 12 eggs a day and drinks two glasses of milk. He tells Kabir to do the same! Monica tells him he’s stupid and kicks him out of the house.

Later, Radha walks up to him and tells him to walk away. She warns him that if he tries to hurt Monica or Kabir, we will reveal his secret. God is leaving and telling his friends about this incident. Meanwhile, Monica tells Kabir that he should never accidentally call her ‘Mom’. He says he is not but Radha is suddenly walking towards him. Kabir informs them of the situation, saying that Monica is telling them the rules of the house. Meanwhile, Dr Sachin launched a strike against Monica. He tells her that he has nowhere to go and that he will have to stay on the road until he finds a place. Monica called him Dr. Asked to go to Deshmukh’s house.

On the other hand, Satya and Pandey, God’s friends, bring him different kinds of choices. He chooses a house but his friends tell him that there is a problem in the house, it is in front of Monica’s house! God says he will only stay in that house. Akka, Gabbar, Satya and Pandey are all preparing to shift home.

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