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Name: Gautami Deshpande
Date of birth: 31 January 1992
Age: 28 years | By 2020
Place of birth: Pune, Maharashtra
College: Pune University
Profession: Actress, Singer
Marital Status: Unmarried
Beloved: Not known
Serials: Sare Tujhyasati, Maza Hoshil Na
Movies: Not known
Drama: Not known

Gautami Deshpande Bio

Personal life and education

Gautami Deshpande is a Marathi television and theater actress. Gautami was born on January 31, 1992 in Pune, Mumbai. She completed her engineering degree in 2014. Gautami was very active in her college cultural program. She participated in theater and won many awards. Along with acting, Gautami is a wonderful singer as well as a great performer. She always posts videos of her songs on Instagram. She has also participated in various plays and music.

Gautami’s father’s name is Vivek Deshpande and mother’s name is Pratibha Vivek Deshpande. Her mother was a dancer. Gautami is the younger sister of popular Marathi actress Mrinmayi Deshpande. Gautami is unmarried and has no relationship with anyone.

Career and Early Life

Gautami Deshpande made her television debut on Sony Marathi’s “Sare Tujhyasati” series. She had played the lead role of Shruti in the series ‘Sare Tujhyasathi’ against well-known actor Harshad Atkari.

Gautami is not only an actress but also a good singer. In 2016, she participated in the “Super Singer” competition.

Gautami is going to take the lead role in the upcoming Zee Marathi series Maja Hoshil Na.

Fact About Gautami Deshapande

1. Gautami holds an engineering degree

She graduated as an engineer from a renowned college in Pune. And before working in acting, she worked at an IT firm for a while.

2. Gautami is the sister of popular Marathi actress Mrunmayee Deshpande

She is the sister of actress Mrunmayee Deshpande, who is an established actress herself and has appeared in many Marathi TV series and films. Mrunmayi is also an accomplished dancer. Talk about family-run talent!

3.Shifted from theaters to TVs

Gautami returned to theater during her college days as an actor. In the meantime, she has won numerous awards for her acting. She participated in the popular inter-college drama competition, Firodia Karandak and the Purushottam Festival. She then made her on-screen debut in 3in with the movie Daily Toole ‘Tujhe’.

4. Shot to fame with reality shows

Gautami had caught the attention when working on a reality show in 2016. This was her entry in the Marathi industry.

5. She. She is a hidden gem!

Gautami Deshapande Instagram

Latest News Gautami Deshpande shares her experience of shoot lockdown

Recently, after a lockdown, maza Hoshil Na team resumed shooting in Mumbai. The government took proper precautions and following the rules, the team started shooting. Every performer is happy to resume the shoot. In this series, actress Gautami Deshpande plays the role of Sai. She shared her experience of shooting after the lockdown. “I am just happy to be on set after almost three months and a week. The series had just started airing on the channel and within a month we had to stop due to Corona P and local conditions. We’re back with a lot of positive energy for the shoot. We are adhering to the criteria and a lot of changes can be seen in the set of the series, ”Gautami said.
Everyone is cautious and sometimes confuses the crew member while wearing protective gears star. Sharing the funny part, Gautami further said, “Everything has changed on the set. W. Hein I arrived early in the morning for the shoot, I saw the dreamy grandfather who was wearing a PPE kit by our makeup guy. It was very difficult to recognize him. But soon I recognized him by his voice. Directors are also using face shields when talking about scenes. Everyone wears a mask so it’s hard to identify the majority of them. ”
To minimize contact, despite the makeup artist, the team is trying to do makeup. “We are learning to prepare under the guidance of Swapnil Dada. Also, WE is taking care of the costumes that were used by some crew members in the past, ”Gautami added.
On set, the crew and performers become family and they spend quality time together. “There is a lot of space in the set so we are easily able to maintain social distance. We were able to sit together for dinner at the maximum space available on set but with the right social distance. We are very positive and I hope everything goes smoothly and soon we will meet the audience through new episodes. ”

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