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Gautami Patil New will leave her husband, but will never leave ‘this’ special person in her life

Famous dancer Gautami Patil New needs no introduction today. Gautami has a huge number of fans all over Maharashtra. But as much as Gautami’s fans are, so are her detractors. Gautami also faces trolling due to the video going viral on social media. Gautami Patil, famous as Reelstar, and controversy have become an equation. Due to many things, Gautami also got caught in the vortex of controversy. But Gautami is always in the news because of her personal life.

A few days ago, Gautami made a big statement about her partner. Gautami had made a big statement about how she needs a husband in her life. About the partner, Gautami said, ‘I don’t want fame, prestige, bungalow, money… nothing. Gautami said that I want a partner who will support me in any situation that may come in my life.

Now a video of Gautami is going viral on social media. In which Gautami is seen talking about the special person in her life. Gautami said, ‘What was going on now was going on for her. I think, what will happen to her when I get married? Who will look at her? Who will take care of her? I will never leave her alone. Will leave her husband… the topic was mother…’

Gautami is seen talking about her mother in the video. Currently Gautami’s video is going viral on social media. The dancer is seen saying in the video that Gautami is ready to leave her husband for her mother. This video has been posted by official_gautemi941 Instagram account.

Gautami will make her acting debut on the big screen with the strength of dance. Gautami’s first Marathi movie will release soon. Gautami’s first movie is called ‘Ghungru’. The teaser of the movie has been released and fans are waiting for the movie. (Gautami Patil Dance)

Gautami Patil New is also always active on social media. Many of her videos and photos are going viral on social media. Fans gather to catch a glimpse of Gautami. Now Gautami will also be seen on the big screen.