Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 15 December

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 15 December 2021

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 15 December 2021, Sai asking Virat about his worry, while he states that he is fine. She sees vermillion mark on his shirt and questions about it.

He gets shocked but covers his expression saying that it must have come from somewhere. He remembers how Shruti touched his shirt while she was in pain and concludes that vermillion mark must have come from there.

He looks lost, while Sai ask him to have a bath. She tries to cheer him up, but he replies that everyone can’t be happy like her. She tells him that when he was not around, his family have taken care of her, specially Samrat and Ashwini.

Here, Virat seems least interested in hearing Sai and ask her to stay quiet. She doesn’t stop and ask him to tell his problem. He says that he can’t tell it to her, while she replies that if he won’t tell her then how will she help him? He says that he don’t needs her help.

Sai talks about Sadanand, while Virat’s head starts hurting. Sai sees him in pain and states that she will apply balm on his forehead. She makes him sleep on her lap and starts massaging it. He feels calm and sleeps for a while. Whereas, Sai thinks that something major have happened, which has affected Virat badly.

Elsewhere, Sai keeps thinking, how to find about the matter. Whereas, Virat wakes up suddenly and says that how he slept. Sai tries to lighten his mood and jokes with him, but he gets irked and moves away. She ask him to have something to eat, but he denies. She forces him that if he won’t it then he will feel dizzy. She somehow convinces him to eat. He gets sentimental remembering all the events, while she notices him and ask if he is crying?

Virat controls his emotions and says that he wants to be alone. Sai says that she can’t let him alone during his problems. Whereas, he requests her stating that he really needs to be alone. She goes to bring food for him, while he keeps thinking about the matter. He states that he wants to tell Sai about Shruti but can’t do it as he promised to keep it a secret.

Ahead, Sai also gets worried for Virat and thinks that how to help him when he is not ready to share the problem. Whereas, Shruti gets asked by the manager about her documents, while she sends them away saying that her husband will look after it. She calls Virat to tell him about it, while latter was taking shower. Sai sees Shruti’s missed calls, while Virat also comes out of the bathroom.

Sai tells Virat about Shruti’s missed calls and ask him that who is she, while he gets shocked and replies that he can’t tell her anything. He says that he have an emergency call to do and was about to leave, but she stops him saying that she was going to kitchen so he can talk in the room. She leaves while he calls Shruti. She shares her worry stating that manager is continuously asking for her documents. At that time manager comes and Shruti makes him talk to Virat. Virat tries to get sometime, but manager says that he can’t give more time. Virat gets angry, while manager questions back that why he left his pregnant wife alone. Virat gets angry and says that he will come there with the documents.

Further, Sai hears Virat’s conversation and ask that where is he going? Meanwhile, he gets ready stating tht he can’t tell her as it’s confidential. She keeps questioning him about Shruti and everything, making him anxious. He shouts at her and ask to stay away from his matters. He leaves from there asking her not to worry about him. Later, Pakhi stops him and says that she will ask Sai that where is he going because she won’t answer her. Virat gets irked by her and ask her to stay away from him. He leaves while Samrat hears their conversation. Pakhi gets shocked looking at her husband.

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