Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 15 December

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 6 December 2021

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 6 December 2021, Virat set u.S.Camp within the center of jungle. Inspector Surve asks if its proper to do this. Virat says this is jungle’s safest vicinity, they can watch any motion round, it has 3 police stations nearby and they can get a backup if wished.

Surve asks why are they tenting here. Virat says he desires terrorists to think same and Sada ship one of his aide to check. Surve asks if he is aware of Sada. Virat says Sada is his university friend and its his obligation to catch him. He notices bonfire nearby and alerting his officials is going to check.

Sada wearing a mask points gun at him. Virat dearms him. He selections gun again and warns Virat to go from there or lese. Virat assaults him once more and gets rid of his masks. He receives emotional seeing Sada and asks to hug his bestfriend Viru.

Sada pushes him away. Virat is set to fall on a stone while Sada holds him and says their methods are one of a kind, so he should forestall following him.

Virat reminds their college days, how they made their first 1/2 century together, how he wrote old flame letter for Sada’s female friend, how his formative years buddy Sunny used to get jealous of Sada and used to experience a 3rd person among them, and requests to hug his best friend. Sada hugs him.

Sai misses Virat and calls him, but Virat leaves his cell in camp. Officers get concerned for Virat and go to search him. Virat asks Sada why he didn’t keep in contact with him. Sada says even he didn’t hold in touch and didn’t invite him for marriage. Virat asks if he knows approximately his marriage. Sada says he saw bhabhi in mall that day, she could be very stunning. Virat says she is.

Sada asks if its love marriage. He says neither love nor arranged however situational and asks approximately him. Sada well-knownshows he had love marriage with one in every of his comrade Shruti and he or she is carrying their baby. Virat asks if he’s maintaining his pregnant wife in jungle, he ought to give up for everybody’s betterment. Sada says its now not that smooth, politicians complete dust in society and that they want to go through, so he’s revolting against the device.

Virat tries to persuade him to surrender and assures him that he will shield him and his circle of relatives. Sada says their paths are special now. He hears Virat’s officials looking him and feels betrayed through Virat. Virat warns that they’ll meet again as a police officer and terrorist and not buddies and escapes from there.

Virat returns to his camp and thinks a storm is walking inside his mind, he desires to talk to Sai to calm it as he mentioned all his troubles together with her after they became pals; he hopes he doesn’t ought to arrest his exceptional friend. Sai thinks day after today is padva festival and hopes Virat is with him the next day to have fun it. Next morning, Sonali and Ashwini put together uptan/herbal paste for festival.

Bhavani explains ritual and receives emotional remembering her competition days with her husband. Ashwini asks her to provide an explanation for more. Sonali says they must let their bahus carry out this ritual. Sai walks closer to residing room when Pakhi clashes together with her and asks how become her first night with Virat, she means in Virat’s room in his absence.

Sai asks why is she so much concerned about her, she even got here to her room the previous day. Pakhi says its call sympathy. Sai says she ought to show this sympathy on her husband instead as he back domestic after 1 12 months. Pakhi receives jealous hearing that.

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