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Name: Girija Prabhu
Date of birth: 27 November
Age: ?
Birthplace: Pune, Maharashtra.
Hometown: Pune, Maharashtra
Profession: Actress & Dancer
Marital Status: Unmarried
Boyfriend: Not Known
TV Serials & Movies: Sukh mhanje Nakki Kay Ast (2020), Tujha Durava (2020), Kay Zala Kalana (2018).
Awards: winner of city & 2nd Runner-up of Maharashtra shravan queen2019.

Girija Prabhu is an Indian film actress associated with 2018 Marathi movie Kay Zala Kalana. The movie is directed by Suchita Shabbir. Girajas Full name is Girija Girish Prabhu.She Is born In Pune 27 November.

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Girijaa Prabhu Yuva Dancing Queen –

Popular for the TV series Tuja Durva, Marathi television actress Girija Prabhu often surprises fans by performing her spectacular dance on the stage of the Young Dance Queen. All the contestants have maintained their mark since day one and Girija Prabhu is one of them.

The actress once again showed that she is strong, both actress and dancer. She has always accepted challenges and has acted successfully in shows. Girija performed almost every type of dance, raising voices against issues such as rape and sexual assault to pay tribute to Michelle Jackson.

Speaking about his trip, Girija recently told the media: “My goal is to work in the entertainment industry. I’ve been working hard since my school days and that’s what’s on screen now. I’ve been doing everything from acting in school meetings to accepting challenges in the Young Dance Queen. Acting in Young Dance Queen was my dream. ‘Chabidar Chabi’, ‘MJ Act’, ‘Bungee Act’, ‘Potraj Act’, ‘Top Shot’, I have performed almost all types of dance on the screen. The Audience of the Young Dance Queen personally sent me a text message and congratulated me on performing my dance. I just hope that this love and care of the audience will remain the same.

Girijaa Prabhu amazes his fans with his performance. In addition, she gives her fans the best targets of fashion through her glamorous outfits and style statements.

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