Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 11th Saptember 2020

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 11th Saptember 2020, Ganga is told that Choodi will get milk only when Guddan wins the next challenge and is about to turn off the screen, but Guddan grabs her arm and says that until the thirty-six have no appetite, any screen Won’t stop and destroy everything. ,

Including his goons, if Choti does not get milk right now. Ganga gets frightened and asks her goon to call the man with Choti. Gudden asks to put the phone on the speaker.

Ganga orders her man to clean his hands after feeding Choti as security is very important. The man gives milk to Choti and the family smiles. Ganga turns off the screen.

Ganga tells Guddan that for a moment she felt as if Mata had come into her but she is still the winner. Guddan says that it was just a trailer otherwise he has not seen the anger of a mother yet. She asks what the next challenge is.

Ganga says that after her drama of crying and screaming, she will now narrate the next challenge in a film style as well.

Ganga stands in front of an object covered with red cloth and sings that the target should not be missed. A punk removes the item and Ganga reveals that there are eight chits under eight balls, some with decorations and some with gifts.

She says that Gudan has to hit the ball with a gun like Arjun and if the chit he gets will be a gift, Choti will keep getting milk every three hours or else he will get nothing.

Saraswati asks what will happen if no ball goes. Ganga replies that Choti will get nothing even in that case. She says that Gudan will have only three chances and even though she cannot starve the child for long, she can do a lot of things with him.

Avinash urges Ganga to stop this madness as Choti is just a child but Ganga refuses, saying that she would not have started the game if she was ready to stop him and call him a cheater.

Ganga hands Gudan a gun and asks him to start. Gudden looks at the balls and remembers crying cries. Akshat shook her and asked her to take a deep breath.

Gudden shoots but no ball goes. Ganga tells him to aim carefully, otherwise Choti will find nothing in her fate. Akshat tells Guddan not to worry.

Ganga asks to try again as she has two chances left. Gudden aimed and missed the target again. Everyone who smiles, except Saraswati, is shocked.

Ganga taunts her and says that she has the last time to try. Akshat encouraged Guddan, saying she could do it.

Guddan tried to close his eyes again and remembered Cheti’s happy face and Ganga’s words. She prays to Lord Krishna to help him and finally hits him with a red ball. Everyone becomes happy. Ganga looks at him.

Ganga asks Guddan not to celebrate her victory yet and to check whether Choti or anyone else has been betrayed on her behalf in the chit.

He grabs the letter and reads it but is shocked. Guddan snatches it from her hands and smiles reading that Choti is getting a gift. Guddan says that she has also won this challenge and means that she is close to her child.

Ganga wonders how this is possible and examines every chit that finds a “gift”. She falls to the floor holding her head and wondering how that could happen as she wrote “punishment” to herself in every chit.

Akshat kneels near her and asks if she is okay or should they swab her as he is meeting a lot of people planning to destroy her so she must have found Corona.

Ganga wakes up and blames them all for exchanging chits as she wrote “punishment” in every chit. She tells her goon to summon the man with Choti who orders her to immediately snatch Chit from Choti and does not give him anything until she says so.

Guddan and Akshat oppose her but she says that she will not give a single drop of milk to Chhoti unless she has cheated.

Lakshmi also speaks and Ganga pulls her by holding her ear and accuses her that he attacked her in return for a chit and Akshat shouts at Ganga saying that she has done so.

Ganga pounces on her and says that she will be punished. He orders his goons to take Akshat down.

Guddon comes in the middle and dodges Ganga, saying that her husband is also standing with her family while she is using these goons as a shield.

Ganga is about to kill him but Akshat interrupts to show a finger. Ganga reminds that Choti’s life is in her hands and says that she will be punished. He is chased by his goons.

Akshat apologizes to Gudan but she says that Choti is tolerating more pain than him. Then Ganga comes and says that her daughter’s father will no longer have to bear the pain. Everyone is shocked to see him flogged.

Durga says that she cannot do this. Ganga says that she will have to break her back otherwise all the people will go to the bath of betrayal.

Guddan says that she cannot do so. Ganga tells him to stop saying the same thing again and again. GudanSays that she is not stopping him but wants to punish Akshat herself.

Ganga asks how can she believe in him. Guddan replies that she is more of a Choti than Akshat. She hands the Whip over to Guddan, who looks at Asquat. Ganga is very excited to see Guddan beating Akshat.

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