Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 14th Saptember 2020

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 14th Saptember 2020, AJ says let’s go to the sky together. Guddan says first listen to my three things. I love you. I love you. AJ said thrid? Guddan says we will tell you when we will meet next.

AJ kisses her forehead. Everyone cries. The rock falls. AJ and Gudden fell into each other’s arms. Blew grandma’s candle.

Durga and Lakshmi scream and cry. Gudden and AJ hold hands while falling. They remember their moments together. His theme song plays.

Gudden remembers marrying AJ. Giving birth to Chyoti. AJ recalls his moments with Gudden. Lakshmi and Durga hugged each other. Saru hugs them and Choti.

10 years have passed. Saru says 10 years have passed. But every corner of this house reminds us of all things about Choti.

It never seems that they ever left us. His memories are always with us. Saroo tells the media this. What a sad story she says at heart. I think the pocket is about to fill soon.

Gudden says that it is your greatness that all of you are considered the daughter of A.J. Otherwise the speed with which AJ’s restaurant is drowning my life .. I mean this little girl’s life will be ruined.

Aarav serves food to all. Saru says to Aarav, why are you feeding all this? Saru says you people are today’s people. It is unhealthy food. She withdraws it from everyone. Saru says you have done a lot for us.

Thank you for coming here. This picture is from Guddan’s superhit film. It is up for auction.

A man says 5 thousand. What does Cypress say? She says that this picture is priceless. But we have to sell it for Choti. He has been locked in his room for 10 years. Scared and upset. Choti gets ready for school

Choti comes there Everyone is surprised to see him. Saroo says that he must ruin all my plan. Saroo says that she is like her mother.

One bidder says you said she never leaves her room. Where is she coming from The media asked Choti about all the items in her hands.

They ask her that you always stay in your room? Oil falls from his hand and everyone slips. Saru says that he ruined everything. Cypress also slips. Guddan had a goose. The bidder says he is crazy. She doesn’t look scared or anything.

The reporter says that she is the daughter of superstar Gudden and MasterChef A.J. We were always told that she never leaves her room and remains depressed.

But she is very sweet and lively. Look at this female cypress. He lied to everyone in the name of this girl to get money from people. Aarav laughed. They all question Saroo.

A woman watches it on TV and says turn up the volume. Schedule my meeting with them. Pushpa will brighten his falling name. Jindal home.

Saro folds Gudden’s arm and says who told you to come home so soon and laugh in front of everyone? You ruined everything. I was getting money. Durga comes and tells Saru .. Choti says DJ. Durga and Lakshmi enter.

Durga says that she does not even dare. Stay away from Chotti Guddan. Durga asks Choti to go to her room and says I will come to you.

The Choti hand-painted painting picks up the gudnas and leaves. Durga says do you have any shame? Asking a child to control his laughter? Saru says should I get in trouble due to his laughter? You have spoiled him.

If you had slapped him on the first day, we would not have been in this situation. Lakshmi says that this house should only be decided by who you are.

Durga says that you have ruined our name everywhere. Lakshmi says that mother-in-law and AJ gave us responsibility for Choti.

Saru says that we are living in rags. And this cremation cannot feed us with love. This house is running because of my money. Otherwise we would have been on the road.

Durga says shut up. Stay within your limits. Saru says don’t lecture me. Aren’t you the one who gave Ganga the first time? You started what you now regret.

Durga is in tears. Lakshmi consoles her. Cypress says who will give the money? you? Bill fees? Choti looks at Gudan’s picture and says please come back to uncle.

I miss you The parents of all children live with them. Guddan kisses Chhoti. Aunt says uncle Guddan made her shed tears.

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