Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 17th Saptember 2020

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 17th Saptember 2020, Saru killed Durga and Lakshmi. He fainted. What does Choti say you are doing? He fainted.

Cypress binds them all. She calls Pushpa’s PA and says that the papers are ready. Choti tries to break the ropes. Saru says I cannot give 14 crores with my hand.

Aarav comes in and looks for everyone. He says that Choti, DJ, LJ? where are you all? Tries to make noise.

Aarav says that this noise is coming from below.

He says, where are you? Durga opened her eyes. She tries to get LJ up and says we have to get out of here. Choti says otherwise SJ will give papers to that aunt.

Aarav comes out and says are you here? Durga says yes get us out of here. We have to save the restaurant. Choti says please get us out of here.

Aarav breaks the window and says come upstairs. Durga says that we have to do this to save our father’s gift.

Cremation He says I will take you there. Durga says Lakshmi and I are coming.

Pushpa performs the havan, she says that we have to do this before doing this deal. Choti arrives in the hall. The guard stops him and says that you cannot go inside.

I am Chhoti Guddan. My aunt is inside. The guards did not let him in. Sheku comes there. He says Guddan you here? She says please help me. My father gifted me this restaurant.

SJ is selling it to your mother. He says but the woman said that it is his. Aarav says that he is an avid. He says I can help you. Are we friends right? If Mahor is gone, Mami will not do so. He says that this is my home and they are my friends.

They would go inside. The guard says that your mother said that no one can go inside. Gudden cries and says that this is my father’s gift.

I can’t let that happen to me. He says why girls cry. dont worry. We will do something. Think of an idea. Choti says you said that you will give an idea. What is it for bananas? He says have you not joked too? He leaves the banana peel inside.

The guard slips. He says go inside. Chyoti says that you will not come in? He says I can’t. My mother will see me.

Aarav says you are small. You should go inside Sheku says that it is on your shoulders now. You have to decide your future in 7 minutes. Change Havan content inside. If the mother does not worship, she does not bargain.

Pooja is going inside. Choti went inside. Saru says that all this money will be mine. Choti goes into hiding. Chiku distracts the guards.

Choti went inside. Aarav says to drive the spoil. They guard, the chhoti goes inside.

The choli comes where the fire is being done. Saru feels as if someone had arrived. She says when will these 2 minutes end? Choti hides behind the idol, she says that I cannot do it alone.

When will DJ come? There are firecrackers in the fire. It burns all things of worship.

Choti sets him on fire. Pushpa says who dared to do so? Who dared to play with my havan?

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