Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 22th Saptember 2020

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 22th Saptember 2020, Guddan says that my mother lady says should we get a mustache on your face too? They spray on Gudden’s face and laugh.

Shona says that your mother was an actress, she is still entertaining us. Gudden says go from here. Shona says that we are Birla. He is Birels.

You have no value to get out of this digested restaurant. Gudden says that whoever insults my parents is not a guest for us.

Birla says that if you chose the guests according to their etiquette, then why did you take money from us in advance? Gudden says that nothing is more important than respecting my parents.

Pushpa says that you are sick of talking to us. Guddan says that it is only about love and respect. My father gave me He told me never to give up manners and truth.

Pushpa remembers who she is. She recalls how her deal was ruined by Choti. Shona says that she has been running this business for two decades.

Pushpa says that you ruined my good love that day. You have not learned your lesson in 10 days.

How do you respect a girl who does not put garlands on her parents’ pictures? This restaurant is not their gift.

It is a cage where spirits are trapped and they will be released only when their daughter learns to respect her guests.

Guddan says that there is enough Pushpa Birla.

Guddan shakes Pushpa and says that my mother and father are alive. I will decide when to put a garland on his photo. What do you know about them? My maternal uncle was a super artist.

My father was the best chef in the city. You do not need to tell me about them. They are my pride. Please leave here before regretting my words. This place can never be seen again.

Pushpa angrily walks towards her car. Pushpa says that I vow to Pushpa Birla that I will have a name in this restaurant soon. Those who evacuate it will get 1 crore.

Pushpa says that you cannot manage this restaurant. I will take it from you and my name will be on the nameplate.

I will put a garland on the picture of your parents. Your coutdown has started. She left.

Crest is silent Aarav asks DJ do you know why he is upset? They ask him. Choti says that they will take it away from me. She tells them everything.

DJ says look at this chit wall. She has written her mistakes on her wall, so she does not repeat them. I write to you my success and dreams here.

Therefore, you have faith in yourself. Write here that you can do this. You can save your restaurant.

Aarav says that your brother is always with you. DJ says trust yourself. These chits are your dreams, write and never forget them.

Guddan says that Mummy Papa all says that you are not there. My heart knows that you are alive.

Choti cries. Gudden says if I take my restaurant, what will I do to my maternal uncle? Please come for a while.

I’m so lonely Please. She embraces Gudan’s photo and cries.

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