Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 23th Saptember 2020

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 23th Saptember 2020, People from the FIA ​​come to inspect the restaurant. Gudden says that we always took cleanliness as the most important aspect.

They say that your restaurant will no longer be a flop. She says it is not a flop. He says that you are too young to handle a restaurant.

Shona says that sweets will reach there. Don’t worry, there will be no mistake. Puhapsa says that I have no interest in doing anything wrong for people but some people force it.

That Guddan ruined my day twice. He has bribed the Maharaja of Guddan. The chef calls Shona and says that there will be no mistake.

He heartily says sorry I have to do this for the money that is being offered. Guddan comes and says that everything is fine? He says yes I have arranged everything. Let me drink them first.

Choti noticed the spoiled food and said that soybeans did all this to cancel my license. She says the inspector is still here. I want to do something.

Chotti fixes food. Inspectors eat food and say it is the best food we have eaten. It reminds us of your father. They try food and say that we never made such good efforts. Why would anyone complain about this restaurant.

The manager drops a mouse on the floor. Choti sees this and shouts. They say what happened? Choti Gudan laughingly said that I was laughing.

Choti Guddan says what will I do now. The rat approaches their chairs. Choti tries to distract them. They are about to leave. The inspector says that your restaurant is A1. We are sure you will take it to your father’s place. Good luck.

Gudden looks at the manager and says that we are a team and not an employee. This restaurant is my temple and my parents are my God. I can’t stand his insults.

You should leave now. We will send you a termination letter. The assistant manager says why did you let him go so easily? She says that we have to concentrate on our work.

Durga says that you did not tell us about the inspection? Choti says I handled all this. Durga says I’m proud of you. Always tell yourself that you can do anything.

Choti says I have to go. Durga says come home on time or else I will send it to Aarav. Choti leaves.
Chhoti’s scarf gets stuck in someone’s watch.

He pulls her. This is someone who looks like A.J. He says that the waiter .. He takes off the dupatta of Cheti from his face.

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