Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 24th Saptember 2020

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 24th Saptember 2020Durga says that I am proud of you. Always close your eyes and say that Choti you can do this. what have you decided? She says that I am loyal to someone. Durga says that till then cook yourself.

You need to find an experienced and honest manager first. Guddan says that I have this board but no one comes to this empty restaurant. Durga says that you keep looking for someone.

Durga says that I will welcome your prince. Choti says what you are saying. Not a prince.

Choto goes to oto in the restaurant. She bumps into someone. Guddan removed the scarf from his face. Chhoti says yes? The theme song plays in Tere Haitoon.

Gudan looks at her. He says wow waitress wearing such a nice dress. She says that I am the owner here. He calls it impressive. My father gave it to me as a gift.

Gudden says what you need. Guddan says spend your time elsewhere. Gudden says what are you here for? You say that Gudden says go from here. He says sorry. Gudden says it is a professional location. He says you called me. He says that I came as your employee.

I removed that board because I am here. Gudden says are you snatching this job? He says give me this job. Guddan says that it seems that you do not need this job. You will look like a boss. He says I will not worry.

Guddan says that I only want a general employee. He says that you are extraordinary so you will need extraordinary. Guddan says that I do not have a lot of money to pay you. He says you have beautiful company.

Guddan says that you have to take an interview test.

Guddan says that these are some of the muscles. Check and tell me which one. The time has started. He says that my time stopped when I first saw you.

Gudden says stop molesting. I’ll kick you out. He says that I am talking about work and you keep saying these things.

Gudden falls and he catches him. Some goons came in. Gudden says you have to leave. Go from here We have our customers here. They laugh. Goon gets closer to Choti.

The man comes forward He says that we do not care who you are. We have to finish the interview first. He says Guddan was asking you spices, this is black pepper. It can make people sneeze.

It does a nice nasal spray. He keeps sneezing. He says it is red spice. They can blind anyone. He puts it in the other’s eyes.

The goons try to kill him. The boy says learn to talk to girls next time. He says should I accept this offer? Guddan says stop. He says that I thought you would pull me in your arms.

Guddan says that your job is confirmed. There are some rules. No theft, no disrespect. This restaurant is my father’s gift. He says that I will protect it more than my life.

Guddan says that the team is welcome Mr. .. He said that Agastya. They shake hands.

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