Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 9 December 2020

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 9 December 2020, Pushpa thinking that he needs to kill his biggest rival, Guddan, so that Chudi Guddan finally goes mad when he comes to know about this news. Suddenly Nia and Pushpa are shocked to see Sr. Guddan and think how she gets rid of her trap and Nia asks her how did you come out in the open?

Chyoti smiles and laughs after seeing his condition and says that this is really what I want to be like my mother and that’s why I get up like her and ask her not to worry at all. She asks Pushpa to snatch the food she has prepared for her mother and Pushpa gets furious and asks if I am looking at you like a delivery boy to take your handmade food to your mother?

She says that you are getting angry but now you have no choice because I am mentally unstable and you know that. So people who are mentally ill can do anything, even they can kill anyone and will not be punished for it. She notices that Nia is getting angry and she feels that you are getting angry because of me and slaps her repeatedly and says that if you do this again I will not leave you.

Agastya comes there and Nia complains against Choti as usual and she says that she is defaming me, I am crazy, I am crazy. That’s why I got angry and slapped her and pretended to cry. Agastya confronts Nia and tells her to get away from her house because she has had enough. He asks his mother Pushpa not to stop him as it is better for the whole family that Nia stay home and away from them.

Agastya consoles Choti and feels bad that she has to lie to her husband but then she has no other choice but to see Nia who is looking at him with red-shot eyes. Choby hands over the food packet to Pushpa and asks them to give it to her mother and asks her to eat peacefully and asks Nia to get out of the house as soon as Agastya notices her in the house. If done, he will get angry.

Nia gets angry at Chioti and asks Pushpa how can you do all this? Pushpa says, when things are not under our control, any vigorous response will only cost us and we do not fall under that stupidity and leave. Sona comes and consoles Choti and says that I know you are not telling any lies and I also know that your mother should be alive and Choti asks her if she knows about her mother. know something?

Sona says that this time my elder sister-in-law did not inform me of anything, so I do not know anything but whatever she is, she only knows that me and Saraswati are always with you and Choti says that I should somehow Have to find the mother. Guddan eats the food sent by his daughter and is happy to get the same taste that Akshat used to bring in her food items and she smiles while Choti is seen watching her mother eating her hand food in a video.

Pushpa and Nia come and tease him when Choti says that henceforth you will deliver food for my mother both in the morning and in the evening. She tells Nia to get out of their house and says that she will get angry if Agastya notices her here. Nia thinks in her mind that she will kill this Choti Guddan once and for all.

Agastya and Choki spend some quality time in the garden area after having middleman sessions with each other. Raunak and Roli arrive there and do not ask them to debate and promote their upcoming show on Zee TV. Agastya spent some quality time with Choti and told him not to work so much and took some rest and went to give clothes to wash clothes. Nia notices that Choti is alone and she wants to take advantage of it.

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