Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 9th Saptember 2020

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 9th Saptember 2020, Guddon said that this was the first meal for Choti but when they return home, Akshat will make a lot of good dishes for them. That chakali.

Akshat says that his laughter has become his life and he may even die for it.

Guddan covers his mouth with one hand and stops saying anything. She says that Choti still has to grow up, go to school, make friends, get a boyfriend, so they have to live for their Choti. Akshat wipes her tears and hugs her.

Durga and Avinash are watching them through the window and make Akshat and Guddan aware of their presence.

Akshat shoots and the bullet touches Avinash’s arm and he falls down. Ganga becomes worried for him.

Avinash says that the bullet just touches his arm and orders the goons to break the door and enter inside otherwise the three will run away again.

Akshat insisted that Guddan should go with Choti while Eh would stay to handle the situation.

Gudden cries and refuses but Akshat says that they have to stay for Choti so she has to leave. Avinash and Ganga shoot from outside.

Akshat tells Guddan to leave. He is not ready to give up his hand. She cries. Akshat pulls her close and rubs her forehead and tells her to leave.

She cries and walks backwards with Choti in her arms. They leave the other’s hands. Guddan leaves the shed while Akshat remains inside.

Gudden goes out and assures Choti that his mother is with him and his father also promises to return and he does not break his promise.

She runs away but sees Ganga and Avinash in front of the house. She walks towards the forest.

Gudden hears the gunshot and gets scared. She widens her eyes backwards.

She feels relieved when she sees Akshat standing at the door as she breaks out with a kick and walks out.

Guddan thinks that he had to leave Akshat to fight alone for Choti’s safety but hopes that both Guddans are waiting for him as soon as possible.

Akshat drives the gun and then goes back inside the shed.

Ganga complains as they are only three and Akshat is also injured but still overshadowing them. He grabs the gun of the dead goon and starts shooting in the shed along with Avinash.

They break the window. Akshata exits the shed but hides behind the wall.

Ganga goes inside the shed and sees Guddan screaming and asks her to come out. He is eager to kill both Guddan and Choti. She scattered everything here and there.

Guddan Mata approaches a temple with a statue of Rani. She prays for the safety of her daughter and her husband.

She asks Mata Rani that Akshat should not let anything happen and they should come back to her to secure her.

On the other hand, Akshat has caught Avinash and tries to cheat him.

A goon fights with Akshat to free Avinash. Ganga is standing behind Akshat. She pulls the trigger but shoots with a gun instead of Akshat. The latter rotates.

He has an arm around Avinash’s neck and the gun points to Ganga who is pointing the gun at him. He shakes the gun and wields the gun.

Akshat says that he and Guddan tried hard to mingle with the family that forgives them, but they continue to betray them. She says that she was forced to do nothing due to blood relations, but now she will take revenge because they are no longer brothers and sisters-in-law to her. He points a gun at Ganga’s head. A gunshot is heard.

Guddan feels restless and asks Mata Rani to give him a clue about Akshat’s safety otherwise restlessness will kill her. She asks Mata Rani if ​​she is there to protect Akshat.

Akshat is shot by the goon from behind him. Avinash frees himself. Akshat stumbles and feels dizzy. He falls to his knees. Ganga and Avinash laughed. Akshata falls on the ground with his back.

Ganga says that her story is ending because she has lost the war against her brother and sister-in-law. Akshat closed her eyes. Ganga says that now it is Guddan and Choti’s turn and she is going to shoot them with her hands. They go Akshat shed tears.

Charulata is seen praying the idol of Radha and Kanha. She says that she did not know that she would live to see this day. She asks what is the use of such a life without her son and granddaughter.

She begs Kanha not to leave Guddan, Choti and Akshat, otherwise she will get upset with God.

Gudden’s parents come into the house and are darkly confused. They see Charulata and ask her questions about Gudan and Akshat’s whereabouts and what is happening. Charulata is silent. They are worried about what might happen in Gudden’s life now. Charulata says nothing.

Gudan breaks in front of the idol of Mata Rani and cries. She asks what he should do. He is helpless because no one is picking up the call. Just then, she gets a call from Durga and tells her that she is in the hilltop Durga temple

Hai and asks her to come as soon as possible as Akshat is alone while Choti is with her. Durga assures him that they are coming with the police. She tells the police that Guddan is trapped in a temple on a hill outside the city.

Gudden tells Choti that one day she will understand what is happening. She says that she will go to take her father, while Durga Mata will protect her here. She tells him to stay there and nothing will happen to him.

She cries and runs away. She feels uncomfortable and goes to the weeping Choti. She tells him not to be afraid and always remembers that she is the daughter of Akshat and Guddan. She promises to return soon. That’s when he hears the sound of Ganga.

Guddan turns around and is shocked to see Avinash and Ganga. Ganga says that she should be ashamed to lie to her daughter in the last moments of her life.

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