Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Today Episode 1 Saptember 2020

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Today Episode 1 Saptember 2020, Ganga told Diljeet that whatever he did was right and it has nothing to do with anyone. She just wants to go with him. She says that she is equally eager for him.

Diljit replies that he wants to go too, but after completing all the work. He asks about his whereabouts of Choti as he does not want his work to be incomplete.

Ganga is very happy and feels that her life has become a film and she is a top class heroine. Diljit says that he has never seen a top class heroine like her and asks about Choti again.

Just then, Ganga receives Motu Patlu’s call and she participates in it. Diljit ordered the child to board the train to go to Indore yesterday morning.

Ganga disconnects the call and excitedly tells Diljit that Choti is going away from him forever and that she is going to defeat India’s biggest superstar.

Akshat feels that he has to tell everything to Guddan as soon as possible and save Choti.

Later, Akshat goes to Guddan who is ready to welcome Choti to his house. She shows her clothes to Akshat. He stops her and puts a hand on her cheek that he is devastated.

He tells her to promise to bring him back soon. Akshat promises that they hug. Guddan says that nothing can stop them from reaching their child.

Just then, Saraswati sees Akshat, who is still with Diljit, hugs Guddan and wants to tell Ganga the same. The latter arrives there and looks at Guddon and Diljit. He sees her and acts like Guddan.

He warns her not to get close to him and says that there are other ways to convince him. Ganga enters the room and threatens Guddan so much that he does not leave her.

Diljit says that he has a lot of other work to do on Gudan instead of wasting time on him. He leaves. Ganga walks away warning Guddan and takes Saraswati with him.

Later, Durga asks Ganga why she invited them all there. The whole family is there. Ganga has arranged a lot of sweets and asks to think why she did this.

Ganga explains that it is because of the good news that comes in her life: she cannot call outsiders, so she thought to share happiness with them. Gudden asks why he has made all these arrangements.

Ganga revealed that she and Diljit will reunite tomorrow evening. Everyone is shocked. Diljit says that it is impossible. Avinash tries to stop Ganga but she does not listen to him and says that he has canceled their fake relationship.

She pushes him, saying that he has no right. She says that she wants to get engaged before divorce, but it seems that Diljit does not want that. She asks Diljit if what he said was all a lie.

Guddan feels that Akshat should control his emotions. Akshat looks at Guddan who shakes his head.

Diljit told Ganga that he meant she could not wait for the next evening, so they should get engaged in the morning as she is very impatient. Ganga becomes happy and inspires her to eat sweet.

Guddan sees Avinash and thinks that he knows that he is suffering due to his game but they will wait for Choti and after that he will fix everything.

Akshat and Guddan are sleeping at night. Ganga comes to the door of the room and says that she can no longer bear her happiness and her cremation. She shows Gudan and Akshat a gun.

Suddenly Charulata made a noise. All this was his dream. She prays to God to be afraid of the bad sign.
On the other hand, Guddan and Akshat get a call from Charulath.

The latter shares his concern with Gudan. She tells him to tell Akshat that he came to get her. Gudden says that the condition of coronavirus is bad and should not put its life at risk.

She promises to bring him back when Choti will also return. She convinces Charulata that everything will be alright. Charulata apologizes for not being with him in such a difficult time.

Guddan says that he is happy that he is safe at Masi’s house. He tells her to take care. Charulata prays for her nightmare to come true.

The next morning, all are ready for Diljit and Ganga’s engagement. Ganga asks Saraswati to click the pictures. Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati are unhappy.

Durga taunts Ganga as no one came to her engagement. Ganga says that it is due to corona. She asks them to laugh.

Guddan came down. Akshat looks at her and says that he can no longer see her sad face. He promises to bring Choti back.

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