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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Today Episode 10 August 2020, Gaddan said he accepted the challenge because he was ready to play the game of death for his daughter. Akshat asks her what she is saying. Gooden tells him to trust her as a mother and the girl loses her life before anything happens. She showed Ganga the peacock’s wings and told her that she might not remember Janmashtami after three days so she would take it as a coincidence, blessing or faith of a mother but she actually gave birth to the day Lord Krishna destroyed the evil. Giving the top, she further said that the little one might have the name but her actions would be bigger than the height of the Ganges. She says she can start her game but her promise is that she will win for the top because Lord Krishna will protect her.

Ganga says she loves her patience but she should not make the mistake of taking this game lightly as it will not be easy or like other games: this three day game will have different levels and as it happens in the video game, each level will become more and more difficult and the same fun The thing is. She sighed. She warns Guddan that she won’t get another chance and asks if she will accept.

Gooden accepts every rule and says it’s 9.30pm. As it was time for Chhoti to go to bed, she asked Ganga if she could meet Chhoti, but Ganga says that no one will meet Chhoti before the game is over. Gaddan asks if she can at least appear on the video call because Chhoti can’t sleep without her so she wants to say lullaby for him. Ganga agrees but then and then if she wins the first challenge.

It will not be fun to play unless Ganga tells Gooden to make a quick decision. Guddan asks what she has to do. Ganga replies that it was the father of the little ones and they should do it. Everyone keeps an eye on it. Ganga says that Akshat, who is a chef, has a very simple task: he has to make a round roti like the moon and in return he can sing a lullaby for the choti, but the roti will be just a circle. Akshat says she doesn’t know if she’s laughing at her stupidity or being grateful for luck because she was challenging the chef to make bread. When Ganga warns him not to make any mistake, he is about to leave. Akshat replies that she should not worry because of her mistakes and those who make them. With that, he goes away.

After a while, Akshat brought a round loaf of bread in front of Ganga which was impressed saying that the earth is so round. Durga says that Akshat overcame the first challenge so he let her speak short. Gooden says she knows the Ganges and the challenge is not so simple. She asks him what he is hiding. Ganga puts the bread back on the plate and then looks at Gooden saying she knows her fan well but Akshat should stop thinking you are stupid and learn from Gooden. She says the real game is about to begin now because Gooden had to replicate Akshat’s bread in exactly seven minutes. Durga says it is a betrayal because she knows very well that dolls do not know how to make bread. Ganga asks why she would have played this game if it was so simple. She says she created every challenge by noticing every weakness. Lakshmi says that she is cheating but Ganga leaves her outside and says that they will all just clap and cheer happily as spectators and not interfere in this game between her and her only Gooden. Ganga again tells Guddan that she will have to make round bread like Akshat in the next seven months and then she will be able to sing Lower B for the top, otherwise, she will cry and then fall asleep after being tired.

Durga holds Gooden’s hand and says she can. Guddan says she can do anything for her daughter so she will do well. Ganga tells her to hurry because time is too precious for her and warns that the bread should be an exact replica of the Akshata bread. She starts the chronometer, saying her time is starting now. Akshat tells Gooden to go for it and she can do it. As time goes on, Ganga tells her to leave. Gooden is gone.

Gooden went into the kitchen and remembered the sound of the Ganges. She thinks it has to be done for the little ones. Lakshmi wondered what would happen if she was not able to make good bread. Akshat says that this game is for the mother and since the mother can do anything for her child, such a game can never be lost.

Gooden starts trying to make round bread. Time goes by but the anus struggles. Everyone is stressed. Ganga enjoys. Gooden can’t make round bread and he remembers the gang that the little ones have to go to bed crying and tired. Gooden cries. Akshat remembers encouraging her and wipes away the tears by trying again.

Akshat is sure she can do it. Everyone looks worried. Akshat says he has to help her but Ganga stops him and tells him to meet the goons. The latter come around Akshat. Ganga says that if he beats her, it will not be good if these goons beat her

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