Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Today Episode 12 August 2020

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Today Episode 12 August 2020, Gooden says this mother’s fire will ignite everything. If you don’t give her milk now, I will kill you. Ganga tells her men to call the kidnapper. Gooden says on the speaker. Ganga tells him to eat top milk. She says clean your hands. He feeds the little ones.

Gooden smiled. Ganga said I was scared but still I have everything. Gooden says don’t dare starve my daughter. Ganga says now I will do the same play. She shows a lot of balls dancing on the rods. Ganga says it is either a punishment or a gift in 8 balls each. If it is a gift, the little one will get milk every three hours. You only have 3 chances. Ganga says I can’t keep her hungry but I can still. Avinash says that Ganga is a child. How can you keep her hungry? Please stop it, Ganga said if I want to stop why should I start? Let’s get started.

Gooden picked up the gun. AJ says breathe, you can do it. Goodson missed the first chance. Ganga says at least kill it. Gooden tries her again. She misses again. Gooden panicked. Ganga says, I thought you love your daughter. You are so useless, try one last time .. Gooden is full of tears.

AJ says you can do this well. Gooden remembers the little one crying. Gooden to Gooden. See what it is before Ganga says. Gooden picks up the chit. This is milk for the little ones. Gooden smiled. Gooden says I won the next level as well. Ganga explains how this is possible. She checks for other cheats. All are gifts. Ganga fainted. How is this possible, she says? I am writing a sentence on all this. AJ says do you have weakness? Should we test you? Water p.

Ganga said you all cheated on me. You cheated I am writing a sentence on all this. She called out to him not to give her a single drop of milk. Guddan says this is fraud. AJ says what are you talking about? Ganga says you made a fool of me. AJ says you cheated before.

Ganga said I will not give her a single drop of milk. I will not give her milk unless I know who did it. Lakshmi says you can’t do that. Ganga hits Lakshmi and pulls her hair and says you did it right? AJ shakes her and says you can’t hurt my family. I can’t think I’ll tolerate this. I changed the cheats.

Ganga says that you will be punished for this deception. Gooden says what can we do from you. He helped his family more than he did. You are with these hired thugs. AJ says enough. Ganga says your daughter’s life is in my hands. You ruined my game and you will be punished. She tells her men to come with her. AJ says I’m sorry Gooden. There was nothing that I did to cause it. Guddan says we are together in this.

Ganga says that now he will endure more pain than his daughter. She brings a belt and says I need to stop cheating. Otherwise you will all start this drama. Gooden says you won’t do that. You can’t kill him. Ganga says I can do whatever I want.

Gooden says he should be punished. But I have the right to punish him. Lakshmi said what do you say? Ganga said, how do I feel you kill him? Gooden says I love him but I love my daughter more. He ruined it for my daughter. Give me this strap. Ganga gives her the belt and says I should record this. She makes a video. Ganga said hit him. If not, you know what I will do to your daughter. Lakshmi says please don’t do this. Gooden looks at AJ.

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